Summer 2022 Solstice: Its Meaning And How Your Zodiac Sign Will Be Affected

Summer 2022 Solstice: Its Meaning And How Your Zodiac Sign Will Be Affected

 The perfect symbol for this Summer Solstice is the phoenix. Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth (both literal and metaphorical) will start to be very active this summer. When Pluto starts to form tense aspects with other planets, it shines light on repressed trauma. It also shows what needs to be healed right now. This may be painful. However, if you take care of your body, mind, and soul you have nothing to worry about. The daylight that’s present in you and is celebrated this summer equinox will emerge victorious after a necessary purge. 

What’s this Summer Solstice About?

The Summer Solstice or Midsummer is an ancient celebration of the longest day of the year. In 2022, it will take place on June 21st

Midsummer was celebrated among many different cultures in antiquity. Most spiritual people today see it as the perfect opportunity to reflect on their inner light and the power of brightness. They mark this date on their calendars every year to practice gratitude for the lightworkers in their communities and for the forces of light within themselves

Please note that shadow workers are not seen as evil. Rather, they work on the more taboo, darker aspects of the collective’s personality – what Swiss psychologist Carl Jung would call the collective unconscious. It translates as the Shadow Self on an individual level. 

However, during the summer solstice, we celebrate those aspects both in ourselves and clearly present in the collective that have to do with the light. They are those qualities we are proud of and believe make the world a better place. 

The Spiritual Meaning

Some ancient cultures located in what is nowadays Europe believed there was a constant battle between the Oak King (representing daylight) and the Holly King (celebrating darkness). 

During Midsummer, the Holly King emerges as the victor. From here onwards, the days get progressively darker until Yule. The Oak King’s rule lasts between Yule and Litha (the Pagan name for the Summer Solstice). During Litha, we celebrate the last day of the reign of the Oak King.

An ancient tradition from the Celts, that of lighting bonfires, is still reproduced today. It’s done either outside with a proper fire or inside with a small fire in a fire-safe dish. If you’re not a big fan of fire, you can simply meditate on the light within yourself and the light forces present in your community. You can practice visualizations to try to give them strength. If you want to spend the day outside, you should. This is a day for the whole family to soak up some sunlight. Sun rays are tied to vitality and prosperity, while they still can. 

How will this season be experienced by each sign, though? Here is a brief breakdown for each of the twelve Zodiac signs. It’s a good idea to read for Sun, Moon, and Rising. 

Aries (March 21–April 19)

The Sun enters your fourth house of the home, roots, and family history on June the 21st. This sets the theme for the days to come. This season is great to declutter or redecorate your home if you’re not fully happy with it. Make your home a safe space for you and your family, a refuge from the outside world. The New Moon, also in the fourth house, of the 28th is a great time to manifest some extra income for these home improvements or even the possibility to purchase a new house or move somewhere nicer. 

Aries is experiencing a period of luck and prosperity since Jupiter, the planet of good luck and expansion, started transiting their sign. On July 9th, Mercury, the planet of communication, currently located in their fourth house of home, will form a square with Jupiter. Although squares are a tense aspect in astrology, they also represent an opportunity for growth. If there are other decision makers in your household (a partner or roommate, for example) you may butt heads during this time. However, you should take this as an opportunity to observe how your shadow self emerges during these talks. If you make a conscious effort to bring your inner light to the conversation, you’ll be able to reach an agreement that pleases you both – whether it be about staying or moving, household chores, or renovations. Not a compromise but a true win-win situation. It won’t simply fall on your lap, though. You have to do some inner work first. 

On the 28th, Jupiter goes retrograde in your sign. This doesn’t mean your luck will start to dry up, though you may see these outer blessings you were receiving since December entered your sign be more spaced out in time. Jupiter is also the planet of purpose. Until Jupiter goes direct in November, spend some time doing shadow work and meditation to try to reconnect to your soul’s purpose. If you truly put in the work, you’ll reap the rewards in November. They will be far more than you expected. Those of you who are trying to conceive may get lucky around July 31st, as Jupiter in your sign forms a harmonious aspect with the Sun in Leo in your fifth house of children and self-expression. If you’re childless by choice or have enough babies for the time being, mark this date on your calendar as a great day to make some art, do some inner child work or express yourself creatively.    


Taurus (April 20–May 20)

This Summer Solstice will be all about neighbors, short trips, siblings, or acquiring new skills. The Sun enters your third house of neighbors, siblings, peers, short trips, and short courses on June the 21st, and, on June 28th, the New Moon in Cancer in said house is a great opportunity to manifest a new beginning with a sibling or a short escapade if you’re desperately in need of a break. Those of you who’ve been considering taking up a short course to learn a new skill or polish or update an existing one, do! The energies of the stars all point in that direction for the bulls. Investing in this skill will probably give you quite a few gains in the near future.

On July the 1st, you’ll be more proactive as Mars enters your sign. However, take care at the beginning of the month. Mars will form a square with Pluto in your ninth house of life philosophy, mentors, and organized religion. The most positive side of Mars is about taking focused action towards what you want, but the darker one is about anger and rage. When Mars decides to butt heads with Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, destruction of old structures that no longer serve you and power dynamics, you may be headed towards an argument, especially with a mentor, professor, or religious leader you respect. Instead of going straight for a heated argument, take a few deep breaths and try to see what this person is mirroring in you. 

The Full Moon in Capricorn of July the 13th will shed further light on the feelings of anger that seem to arise towards this institution and figure. This season is about renewed curiosity and dynamism for the bulls, but also about humility. For the time being, they are the students, not the teachers. That doesn’t mean that they listen to what their mentors say blindly, but that they take the time to consider their teachings and choose whatever wisdom serves them best.  


Gemini (May 21–June 21)

This is quite an active and prosperous time for Gemini. The Sun enters their second house of personal finances and assets. Money seems to be flowing in from every direction. Venus, one of the two planets of wealth, enters your sign on the 22nd, making you more magnetic as a professional who can bring value to whoever decides to hire them. The Full Moon of the 28th offers a further opportunity to manifest a better economic position. 

On July 12th and July 13th, Venus in Gemini forms a trine with Saturn in Aquarius. This means that a teacher, mentor or religious leader may pull some strings for you to get a new job, grow your business or start a much needed side hustle. You start to get realigned with your sense of duty and find a budget that can truly cover what you need and a few luxuries, too. 

The Full Moon of July the 13th takes place in Capricorn, in your eighth house of transformation, death and rebirth, inheritances, and sexuality. This is a great date to work on transgenerational issues related to wealth. You’re ready to transform into a more abundant version of yourself, not just regarding money. Abundance is a way of life that includes taking care of your body and physical health as the one source of abundance you cannot replace. Starting therapy around this time is also a great idea if you’ve been considering it. If you’ve been itching to try new things in the bedroom with your partner, look forward to the second half of July as well.   

Cancer (June 22–July 22)

Self-care and taking care of your physical, mental, and spiritual needs will be the focus of the Summer Solstice. It’s also a great time to make drastic changes in your appearance if you’ve been wanting to do that for a while. The New Moon of the 28th is a great time to sit down with pen and paper and write down the things that truly contribute to your wellbeing. That varies from person to person. It can look like taking a couple of vitamins daily, making and keeping certain doctor appointments, prioritizing mental health and therapy, moving your body, getting at least six hours of sleep, taking breaks, meditating or praying regularly, or trying to feed your body mostly with nutritious food. Don’t go nuts and try to be perfect. That’s unhealthy, too. However, be thorough when putting together this list and try to take care of yourself by making a realistic roadmap that you can stick to.

On July the 1st, Mercury enters your sign, turning you a tad more social and communicative. Watch out, though, arguments with your partner or business associate may occur, as Pluto is currently transiting your seventh house of committed partnership and Mercury in your sign and Pluto in this house will form a tense aspect at the beginning of July. Stop trying to find fault in them. Whatever you dislike in them probably also exists in you in some capacity. Do your best to continue working as a team and watch out for each other. 

On July 18th, Venus enters your sign, which is good news both for the crabs looking to earn a bit more cash and the crabs who are single and looking. You’re magnetic and you attract whatever you can dream of – by putting in effort, of course. All throughout July, various planets in Cancer form a tense dialogue with Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. The key to being a true phoenix during this season is to stick to your self-care routine.    


Leo (July 23–August 22)

Leos should start keeping a dream journal around the Summer Solstice. This is so because the Sun enters their twelfth house of the subconscious, sleep, mysticism and secrets shortly before the Summer Solstice. The New Moon in Cancer of the 28th may offer some key insights from their own subconscious as to what needs to be healed to move forward. Those of our lions and lionesses that have been lacking a sense of attention should also tune in to their oneiric world to find answers around this New Moon. 

On June the 22nd, Venus, a great benefic, enters Leo’s tenth house of career and vocation. This is a great time to polish your resumé and cover letter and start applying to jobs if you need a change in your career, or start talks with decision makers in your current workplace if you’re looking for a promotion or a pay raise.

Finally, the Full Moon of July the 13th may be a bit of a rude awakening. Some of our lionesses and lions need to start to look after themselves better. Get a head start by starting to move your body, adjusting your diet, or fixing your sleep schedule if you want to save yourself some stress. Your body is a temple, dear Leo, and you know this very well. It’s time to align this belief with your actions.  


Virgo (August 23–September 22)

The theme of the Summer Solstice for our Virgos is friendship. The Sun enters their eleventh house of friendship and communities of like minded people on June 21st. However, those Virgos that are looking to switch jobs shouldn’t postpone it any longer, though, as Venus will be transiting their tenth house of career during the summer. You’ll be magnetic to all sorts of potential employers and clients.

The Virgos that feel they could use more quality friends in their lives can manifest them during the New Moon of June 28th. Remember to let your friends look after you as much as you look after them. Friendship isn’t supposed to be one-sided. Let them bring you soup when you’re sick and flowers when you’re sad.

Some key dates regarding career are July 12th and July 13th. Make sure to put yourself out there the week before, as Venus in your tenth house will be forming a trine with Saturn, the planet of effort and self-discipline, and a new opportunity may come up around this date. Do read the fine print of any contracts you sign, though, as two days after that, Neptune will be bringing some confusion and blurring your judgment.   


Libra (September 23–October 23)

Libras are shining in their careers and public reputation this summer. On July 21st, the Sun enters their tenth house of career, making them absolute rockstars. Libra, you’ll get the praise you deserve for your work ethic and talent. Those Libras that are in college will experience better performance after Venus, their ruler, enters their ninth house of higher education. With the New Moon of June the 28th offering the perfect opportunity to manifest their dream career, the theme for this summer for Libra seems to undoubtedly be about success.

The Full Moon of July 13th is all about the home for Libra. They may find themselves in the awkward position of having to move or have to do urgent repairs. Even if it’s frustrating and exasperating, trust that the Universe is working with you, not against you. It wants you and your family to have a safe haven in whatever place you call home.  


Scorpio (October 24–November 21)

The theme for this month for our dear scorpions is rethinking their life philosophies and religion. It’s not that a total change is demanded, but not everything you hold to be a core value is serving you to the fullest. Examine your beliefs and get ready to let go of small details and parts that hold you back. If you do, you’ll experience a true expansion both in your mind and life. The New Moon in Cancer of June the 28th is a great time to ask for some clarity if you’re not sure where to start. You can also manifest a mentor on this date. 

Those of you who are artists by trade and/or vocation may find it harder to create new things after June the 28th. It’s nothing that can’t be salvaged, though. On the 28th, Neptune goes retrograde in your fifth house of self-expression. Giving space to your inner child through finger painting or writing stories about the things that fascinated you as a child may be a solution. 

The Scorpios that feel stagnant in their careers, in whatever field, can breathe a sigh of relief after July 19th, when your tenth house of career and reputation starts to be very active indeed, with both harmonious and tense energies. Take advantage of the harmony and use tension to grow and learn as a professional. 


Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

The archers are in for a process of deep transformation this summer. The Sun enters their eighth house of death and rebirth on June 21st. Those who have been looking for their soulmate or who have been dating someone casually can expect to enter a long-term partnership after June 22nd, when Venus, the planet of love, enters their seventh house of committed partnership. The New Moon of June 28th is a great time to manifest a new therapist. Around this date, you may also discover the perfect alternative therapy to complement whatever you’re doing. You’re ready to dig deep and transform!

The Sagittarius natives that are worried about their finances will see an improvement after the Full Moon of July 13th. However, around this date, they will be asked to stick to a budget and get serious. Prioritize your needs over your wants and whims. Once you get these things in order, though, things will start looking up. Be careful about the way you communicate around the 18th, though. Because of a tense aspect between Mercury and Pluto in your second house of personal finances, your blunt way of communicating may end up costing you money.  


Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

The theme for the goats is self-improvements and partnerships. Those who are single should take a hard look at their business associates and one-on-one friendships. These bonds will be a source not only of joy and companionship, but also very important life lessons. June the 28th is a great time to manifest a fresh start with your current partner or meeting your soulmate.

Watch out for your need to control others during the beginning of July. It may lead to arguments. Go within and try to look at your shadows. What part of yourself are you trying to placate with your controlling tendencies? Don’t judge yourself for them. Look at them with love.

Further light on inner work you’ll have to do will shine with the Full Moon in your own sign of July the 13th. Pay attention to your dreams and to other signs of the Divine. If your controlling tendencies have been indeed getting the best of you and you seem to be arguing with your partner or associate non-stop, things will start to look up once the diplomatic, harmonious Venus enters your seventh house of committed partnership on July the 18th. The goats that are single and looking will also see better luck after this date.  


Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

The water bearers should really reevaluate their habits and routines this summer. Those who are looking to conceive, great news – Venus, one of the two benefics, will enter your fifth house of children and self-expression on June the 22nd. If you don’t want children right now, it will be a great time for creativity and making art, something most Aquarians are innately drawn to. The New Moon of the 28th is a great day to start a new habit or routine. Don’t fall for lavish self-care that’s more about spending money than actually taking care of your body, mind, and spirit. Look at what’s essential. Look at those habits that truly need to change.

Neptune goes retrograde on June the 28th in your second house of personal finances. Depending on your field of work, this can mean good or bad news. Artists, especially poets and musicians, may suffer from a bit of a drought in client work. The rest of the industries will feel relief, as Neptune also has to do with confusion and conmen. Ever since this planet has been transiting your second house, a lot of you have been scammed or ended up signing some sketchy contracts. You will all get some respite from that – even the artists. 

July the 2nd is a great day to put yourself out there through written or spoken language, as Mercury, the planet of communication, will form a trine with Saturn in your sign. Self-care will help your style of communication indirectly, as Mercury is currently transiting your sixth house of daily habits and routines. Perhaps you’ll choose to start doing daily affirmations around this date. On July 12th and July the 13th, opportunities to flirt will arise for those of you who are single and looking. The water bearers who are artists by trade will be magnetic to potential clients around this date. 


Pisces (February 19–March 20)

We have great news for Pisces – this summer solstice will encourage you to make art and be creative. There’s truly nothing the fish loves more than this. The Pisceans looking to conceive may also get lucky this summer. On the 22nd, opportunities for home improvement and redecoration will arise as Venus enters your fourth house of the home. The New Moon of June 28th will be all about new creative beginnings and the gestation of artistic endeavors.

The Full Moon of July the 13th may drive you to reevaluate your friends. You may even part ways with one. Do so with love. We know it’ll hurt, but trust that it’s for the best. 

Piscean artists can use the tense energies of July the 2nd, when Mercury in their fifth house of art and self expression forms a square with Neptune in their own sign, to articulate through their preferred artistic medium something that’s painful or even traumatic. More harmonious energies surrounding art will be available between July 17th and July 18th when the Sun forms a trine with Neptune. If you’re going through a creative block, inner child healing may help you with that.  

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