10 Tips to Maximize Your Goddess Energy at Work

10 Tips to Maximize Your Goddess Energy at Work

Our feminine energy, the yin to the yang, is reawakening and swirling powerfully in unchartered territory gracefully radiating the workplace with fresh and unwavering inspiration. Many of us are mothers headed back to the office after months away due to the pandemic. We’ve been deep in goddess mode, taking care of families emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Historically, businesses have been operating in a masculine mode that is task-oriented, autonomous, competitive (individualistic competitive achievement), hierarchical authoritarian, and suppressive. Many now take on a more nurturing approach by educating on the bigger picture in addition to the bottom line. They are taking time to provide professional yet pleasurable and rewarding building/learning blocks so there is as much appreciation for the journey as there is for the final win.

The foundation of the office or corporate culture was built on mostly masculine energy since men went to work and women often stayed home— a “dog eat dog” world. Culturally, we are finally starting to understand that most employees, men and women, need more. With progressive companies offering creative office environments to nurture and inspire people, the old fashioned stern and sterile mindset is swaying. It is just not sustainable to attract truly talented and motivated individuals.

Business can be cut throat and requires a fighter mentality that suppresses the individual opinion for the final profit margins - making it difficult to blend both the masculine and feminine energies within both men and women.  

Whether you are an entrepreneur, employee, or making your presence known in a high stakes PTA stand off, take a moment to commit to unleashing the power of feminine energy and your authenticity to maximize accomplishments in new ways at work or other professional venues. Here are 10 tips to get you started.

Listen more

Slow down and allow yourself to feel and process. There is always that one that must be the loudest in the room. Stay steady in your listening and processing of emotions and facts. Don’t feel you have to compete with that.

Speak less

There is power in your presence and sometimes fewer words can be more impactful.

Go with your gut

Intuition interprets senses, emotions and past experiences so be sure to honor it. When your intuition is strong and steering you in a certain direction, master ways to communicate that and give uncomfortable feelings a voice.

Communicate mindfully

Pay attention to your words and how you may display aggression that is unwarranted.

Know your inner wisdom

Confidence comes from knowing yourself and what you bring to the table. When you do this, your self-esteem will be unwavering.

Speak your truth

Masculine yang energy can relate to combative qualities like suppression and deception to get ahead and be competitive but there is power in truth and that is sustainable for you and for your collective environment.  If your environment doesn’t value and honor truth and transparency, take your goddess energy somewhere that does.

Be open

Be receptive and recognize defensiveness within yourself. Learn to accept rational criticism with grace and provide support to others to model an environment of collectivity and team.

Create sacred space and time 

Block off time for self-care (there are several apps that offer five minute meditations) and set clear boundaries so that you are nurturing the individual work style that makes you great at what you do. Remember, they hired you, not a robot.

    Masculine and feminine energies shouldn’t clash. They should be stirred up, blended, and acknowledged for the power that they each represent.  Like yin and yang, you cannot have one without the other, but we do need to heavily pour our divine feminine into the cultural mix and recognize the beauty and strength of that transformation.


    Marie H. is a devoted mother, creator, optimist, soul-seeker, and explorer re-learning the strength of her words and influence of her voice. Her blog, marieinreverie is a platform to explore personal development, mindfulness, and definitions of beauty and style. Born and raised in Wisconsin, she moved away to Chicago and New York, only to return years later to the Milwaukee area to carve out her own unique space.

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