Excluded Ingredients

Our commitment to safe effective ingredients:
You care about your health and make a conscious decision to avoid products with certain ingredients—we get that, and we want to help make that decision easier. “Clean” beauty has become an industry standard buzzword without a clear definition. At Gusto and Co “clean” means safe, sustainable, ethical and transparent. You won’t find products with ingredients considered harmful or with inconclusive safety data or ingredients that damage the environment by eradicating natural resources through unsustainable farming practices. We seek and validate as much information as possible about the source of ingredients including composition, purity and stability and consumer testing before adding a brand or product to our lineup. 
There are over 20 ingredients you won’t find in any of the products we carry at Gusto and Co and as the clean beauty movement grows and innovates, we'll continue to expand our product offerings with groundbreaking indie brands and identify even more chemicals to reduce and eliminate.

Sulfates: SLS & SLES
Mineral Oil
Formaldehyde-releasing agents
Coal Tar
Aluminum Salts
Animal Oils, Musks or Fats
Benzophenone Related Compounds
Carbon Black
Lead Acetate
Nanoparticles – as defined by EU
Petrolatum *All USP grade is ok
Parrafin - *All USP grade is ok
Phenoxyethanol- under 1% is ok
Insoluble Plastic Microbeads *applies to rinse off products only
1,4 Dioxane
Mercury Mercury Compounds (Thimerisol)