A Bit of Workplace Woo:  5 Crystals to Inspire Peace at Your Place of Employment

A Bit of Workplace Woo: 5 Crystals to Inspire Peace at Your Place of Employment

The use of crystals in spiritual healing, meditation, and manifestation practices is certainly no secret to most. Crystals are known for their energetic absorbency, potency, and ability to release vibrations into the spaces in which they are placed. They are composed of complex crystalline matrices that, when called upon, transmute frequencies that ripple into the air around them. They have the power to remove negativity and transform their user’s mood and state of mind. With all of that being said, crystals make an excellent wellness accessory for your desk.

Whether we are working to meet grueling deadlines or dealing with workplace drama, it is so important for us to find nuggets of peace where we can. Our sanity depends on our abilities to rise above the anxiety and flow with chaos – not against it. The right crystals have the power to inspire harmony, even in the midst of the most stressful days! Here are my top 7 crystals to keep at your desk for a wellness boost at work:


This dreamy stone works with the powers of the Moon to transmute energy of the purest vibrations. Moonstones work well with calming nerves because they increase connection to your intuition and inner-wisdom. When we listen to that small voice inside of us, we can relinquish our worries to the Universe and know that we are being divinely guided.

Moonstone can increase positive thinking and creative inspiration, while working to soothe stress and feelings of instability – making this a potent stone for any working person to keep on deck!


Considered the crystal of optimism, Citrine brings forth wonder, joy, and warmth. If your spiritual tank is low, chances are motivation has been a challenge for you to find! Reinvigorate yourself with the joyful vibrations of this sun-kissed stone.

Citrine works with the energies of the Sun to enhance enthusiasm of all those near it. If you place this crystal on your desk, you may find that anyone who comes to you will have an underlying sense of positivity. Citrine can definitely help with overall workplace motivation and feelings of joy in the office.

Ruby Quartz

Ruby Quartz can unlock the hidden vitality within its users. It helps to restore and boost energy levels, inspiring its users to lean into their creativity, imagination, and intellect. If you are suffering from low self-confidence, Ruby Quartz may be just the stone to get you back on track.

In the workplace, Ruby Quartz has the power to propel any project forward. If you are feeling weighed down by the amount on your plate, invite Ruby Quartz into the room. You will suddenly feel ready and able to tackle anything that comes your way.

Black Tourmaline

Known as the negativity magnet, Black Tourmaline is a great option for any workplace. Its dark, dense composition works to pull toxicity from the are around it and recycles it back to the Earth. It has the power to clear even the stickiest of rooms and brighten the darkest moods.

Consider Black Tourmaline to be like the air purifier for energy – when placed on or around your desk, all negative vibrations will transfer directly to it. We are all familiar with workplace drama and toxicity and Black Tourmaline is your best tool against it. If your aura feels heavy and dark in the office, bring some Black Tourmaline in and you’ll likely feel the difference immediately.


A conduit for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, Turquoise and its blue hues work to balance your energetic system. It works with your Chakras to increase vibrations and unblock any stagnant energy lingering in you.

When the workday gets rough, we can all use a bit of spiritual reorienting. Turquoise will work to keep your energy high and in-alignment. If you are feeling burdened by stress, simply hold this stone in your hands and breathe – you will feel its energy working to ground you.


Bloodstone lives up to its name, as it works directly with the circulatory system to calm nerves and anxiety. It is said to improve blood flow and circulation, allowing energy to move freely through you.

Bloodstone can improve feelings of irritability and impatience – all things we are guilty of holding onto in the office. It encourages its users to take a moment and breathe through whatever frustration or hardship they are facing. When placed on your desk, Bloodstone can ease your workplace jitters and inspire a still, calm mind.


Known for its nurturing properties, Jasper will support you when you’re feeling alone or uncertain. This stone has been known to show up for its users when they’ve needed it most. When faced with conflict, Jasper inspires its users to make the best decisions to both find a solution and protect themselves.

Jasper can help to even you out at work. We have all experienced moments where we’ve had some unfavorable feedback from our supervisors or are facing down a presentation we don’t feel ready for. Whatever the workplace troubles, Jasper has your back, helping you find the tools you need to get over this hump.

The Takeaway

In light of the recent events of the world, it is hard not to feel constantly off-kilter. We have been thrust into a time of uncertainty that, if we aren’t careful, can easily set our minds ablaze with worry. And amidst this global chaos, many workplaces are now making plans to return to the office. With all of this anxiety hanging in the air, it is important to draft a plan and recruit some much-needed tools to your arsenal so you can have some peace. These 7 crystals are sure to keep you balanced, harmonized, and energized so you can show up where you’re needed both in and out of the office.


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