6 Black Women Shaking Up The Wellness Industry

6 Black Women Shaking Up The Wellness Industry

The wellness industry has long ignored the needs of black and brown women when introducing marketing campaigns or launching new products. Black women are making headway in the wellness space by founding businesses that celebrate and embrace diversity as a part of wellbeing. From making space for community as part of selfcare to a relaxing bath— here’s a carefully curated list of 6 black women who are transforming the wellness and lifestyle industry.


Naaya Wellness is taking the traditionally white, affluent, able-bodied face of the wellness industry and giving it a much-needed BIPOC update. Their mission statement of decolonizing wellness and allowing Black and indigenous people of color to show up for healing is close to our hearts. Sinikiwe Dhliwayo founded Naaya Wellness based on the belief that Blackness and humanity are one. 

What do they offer?

Naaya Wellness' offering includes anti-racism resources, corporate wellness, consulting and digital courses tiered for different pricing accessibility.



Co-founders and wellness visionaries Kim Knight and Shanelle McKenzie know it takes a wellness village to create a nurturing space for women of color. The Villij is here to help women of color build a community of wellness-seekers in the home, workplace, and broader community. They offer a options such as workshops and fitness classes for by joining the Inner Villij for $18 a month

What do they offer?

The Villij's primary offering is an affordable digital wellness community for women of color. Within the safe walls of the webspace, women of color can learn about often neglected dimensions of wellbeing such as:

  • mental health
  • self-care
  • nutrition
  • And even finance

This mission is supported through workshops, discussions, and support circles through a culturally aligned lens.




Women of color deserve to be celebrated, both online and in real life and Naj Austin created Ethel's Club with this mission in mind. In pre-pandemic times Ethel's Club was a social clubhouse centered around a community of Black and brown people. Safe space may be an overused term at the moment, but Ethel's Club is here to be a caring, supportive space that both inspires and uplifts its members.

What do they offer?

Besides offering curated free resources on alternatives to calling the cops and free healing sessions, Ethel's Club is the place to meet your people of color-centered wellness and healing community. Memberships include:

  • Live-streamed and recorded classes
  • Group healing sessions
  • Wellness and workout sessions
  • The opportunity to meet licensed practitioners and healers

Naj invites you to drop your shoulders, take a deep breath and arrive in a place where you are celebrated and held.



 What happens when a two-time Food Network champion and artisan baker has a big realization about burn-out and needing to learn how to rebuild themselves? After shuttering their award winning bakery Rebecca Grammer-Ybarra and Christy Grammer co-founded Homebody to bring joy and healing to people via CBD infused bath products and self care.

What do they offer?

What helps pain, stress, mood, sleep, and wellbeing? Moments of centering yourself in the bath. Homebody's primary offering is made up of bath soaks worth telling your mama about. Key natural ingredients such as lavender, vetiver, and sage soothe stress and help you get back to yourself.







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