7 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Smartphone in 2023

7 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Smartphone in 2023

Smartphones have become integrated into our lives. We need them for work, school, socializing, and more daily. However, before you know it you’re getting “storage low” notifications, or your phone’s performance starts to lag.  Here are 7 ways to help you get your phone in order.

Uninstall apps you don’t use

We’re all guilty of installing apps over the years that we no longer use or need (Candy Crush anyone?). Then, you end up with a host of apps that eat up your storage and RAM. Go through your list of apps and delete any that you haven't used in a while. This will free up space on your phone and make it easier to find the apps you frequently use.

Organize your apps into folders

Once you've deleted the apps you don't need, organize the remaining apps into folders. For example, create a folder that contains all your social media apps like IG, FB, Tiktok, etc. This gives you one-tap access to your favorite apps.  It will also reduce clutter on your home screen for a neater appearance.

Clean up your contacts

Scroll through your contacts list and delete any contacts you no longer need or entries with outdated information. This will make it easier to find the people you need to reach. You can also fill out contact cards more thoroughly so that all the information you need about one person (work/home numbers, emails) can be displayed when you open them.

Delete media that you don’t need

Over time, your camera roll can become cluttered with duplicates, blurry photos, and videos. Delete unwanted photos and videos to organize your gallery and curate a memorable collection of high-quality photos and videos instead.

Remove old files or downloads

Are you one of those people who save a meme for every occasion? Maybe it’s time to let go. Delete old files, pdfs, downloads, screenshots, and documents that you don’t need anymore.

Clean up your messages

Many businesses, services, and apps use SMS to send no-reply verification codes, receipts, notifications, and even ads or promotions. These can pile up over time and fill up your inbox. Delete these types of messages if they serve no purpose or contain information you’ve already acknowledged and used.

Use a cloud service

If you’re always running out of space on your phone, consider using a cloud service like Google Photos or iCloud. Cloud apps have free versions or paid upgraded plans with varying storage capacities. When you upload to the cloud, your files are easily accessible and secure, even if you change devices.


We spend so much time on our phones and use them for so many tasks. Using a phone that lags or is cluttered can be frustrating at times, so make it easy for yourself and clean it up! This will help you to stay organized and have a better user experience when you’re on your phone.


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