7 Ways to Self-Care for a Night In

7 Ways to Self-Care for a Night In

With all the changes happening in the world, 2021 should definitely be the year you prioritize self-care. Whether you need a break from your social circle or some time to clear your mind from work, a solid night in could really do wonders for your mental health.

In fact, we want you to know it’s more than OK not to go out and why feel guilty when there are tons of ways for you to self-care right at home! Ready for a night in and some much needed self-care?

Here are 7 ways to self-care during your next night in!

Read a book

Nothing says “self-care” like cuddling up with a good book. Empty your mind by diving into a good story or read a book that teaches you a subject you really want to learn more about. Reading can easily help you change perspective and refresh your mind with new ideas.

The Vanishing Half, $21.99

Take a bath

Get out of your head by pampering your body with a relaxing bath. Take extra good care of yourself by infusing your bath with a fragrant balancing bath tea and you’ll quickly see that even something as simple and inexpensive as a hot bath can easily help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 

New Moon Bath Tea, $20

Light some incense

Kickstart a night-in by lighting some incense and really set the mood for some self-care. Surprisingly, fragrances can also play a role in how we’re feeling. For a meditative scent that calms and soothes your mood, try our Monreale high quality incense sticks that have a spicy vanillin scent. 

Monreale Incense, $26


Disconnect from social media and reconnect with yourself through an evening of journaling. Writing is surprisingly therapeutic and can really allow you to get to know yourself better. If you’re new to journaling, be sure to get a cute journal and then just start by putting your pen to paper, and get writing.

The Rituals Journal, $14.95 

Face mask

Skincare and hair care is another great way to pamper yourself during a night-in. Try the Crystal Waters Hyaluronic Mask for a mini hydrating facial. For extra self-care, you can even do this while taking a bath.

Photo: Salt by Hendrix via Instagram

Crystal Waters Hyaluronic Mask, $45

Say your affirmations

Change your mindset and attract positivity in your life by reading some affirmation cards out loud during your next self-care evening. Affirmation cards can be a great reminder that everything is going to be OK and to stop yourself from negative self-talk.

Be You Affirmation Cards, $22.95


Mindfulness is just a fancy word for practicing the act of focusing on the present and a guided meditation can help you get there. We love the book Heavily Meditated, which introduces meditation in a simple, friendly, and accessible style for everyone to use during their next night in. 

Photo: veronica.cron via Instagram

Heavily Meditated, $20.99

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