Do You Need a Mini-Fridge for Skincare?

Do You Need a Mini-Fridge for Skincare?

You’ve seen them on Instagram and Pinterest: beautifully organized skincare mini-fridges, usually with some incorporation of millennial pink, and stocked full of high-end beauty products, of course. Sure, they’re swoon-worthy, but do beauty products really work better when chilled?

According to skincare and beauty professionals, certain products can definitely benefit from being refrigerated, while with others, it doesn’t matter as much.

Which skincare products should you refrigerate?

Specifically, vitamin c, retinoids (commonly found in acne treatments), and any products with live cultures are all ingredients that are pretty sensitive to heat and light, so keeping them cold can ensure that they’re working to their full potential and help them to last as long as possible. Plus, keeping your products chilled also makes them feel that much more refreshing when you apply them, especially those with soothing and de-puffing elements like aloe or mint.


Are there products that shouldn’t be refrigerated?

Products that probably don’t need to be refrigerated include anything water-based, mists, or sprays - but it’s not going to hurt anything if you still want to keep them cold. You’ll still get that cooling and relaxing feeling, and if you’re going to be keeping other products chilled anyway, then why not! Do you, girl.

Face masks, serums, and jade rollers are all great products to start with if you’ve never stored a skincare product in the fridge before. Seriously, try a chilled moisturizing face mask at the end of a long day this week, and thank me later.

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