Embrace the Power of the Sun: Your Ultimate Summer Solstice Horoscope for 2023

Embrace the Power of the Sun: Your Ultimate Summer Solstice Horoscope for 2023

Disclaimer: Health is sometimes discussed, especially regarding chances of conception and levels of vitality and energy. Please understand that this is not medical advice and talk to your doctor first.

This summer will be filled with retrogrades. This makes most of you think of Mercury retrograde, but not all retrogrades are bad or good in nature. They are what you make of them. Most of the time, we gain the best of a retrograde by going inward in matters represented by that planet. 

Pluto went retrograde back on May 1st, and will go direct on October 10th. We experience the effects of Pluto retrograde mostly on a collective level. As a collective, we are going inward to figure out what is stagnant and needs to die, either literally or metaphorically. Saturn is already retrograde since June 17th, and will go direct well into the fall, on November 7th. Here, the process we are experiencing inwards has to do with our sense of duty and everything that requires great effort.  Jupiter, connected to the pursuit of a sense of purpose, goes retrograde by the end of the summer, on September 4th. Neptune, which has to do with a lack of boundaries, our sense of oneness, and compassion, goes retrograde from June 30th until December 6th. Uranus, which has to do with sudden change and discovery, goes retrograde from August 28th to January 27th. 

The two retrograde periods we will feel at a more personal level, though, will be Venus retrograde, due to take place between July 23rd and September 4th, and Mercury retrograde, between August 23rd and September 15th.

Venus retrograde affects anything that has to do with aesthetics, so refrain from redecorating your home or doing drastic things to your physical appearance in this retrograde period. A trim or dying your hair the same color you had before is fine. Refrain from getting serious with people during this time, as you won't be as in love as you think you are. Matters of perceived value may also be a source of confusion.

Mercury retrograde creates a lot of small inconveniences. Any agreement reached during this retrograde period will most likely have to be renegotiated later. People from the past may also crop up, sometimes for a negative experience, and sometimes for a positive one, since past employers have been known to crop up in the past.

With these two retrogrades in mind, let us move straight into your forecast for the summer season. These were written for rising signs in particular, so the forecast that resonates most will not be the one for your Sun sign but for your rising.


Aries (March 21–April 19)

The summer is full of promise for Aries placements when it comes to their careers. Your love life will see more movement in the late summer, once Mars starts its transit though Libra in the end of August. 

July starts off with promising energies regarding your career. The Full Moon on July 3rd happens on your tenth house of career, reputation, and your higher calling. This is a time to release and let go of what no longer works so there’s room for bigger and better things to come.

Your finances start to look much better in August. However, there isn’t much to complain in general, as Jupiter is transiting your second house of personal assets and wealth. Jupiter is the great benefic and the planet of good luck, so, ever since it started its transit there, you have seen an influx of extra cash that has not waned since. On August 1st, Mars, transiting your sixth house of habits in the workplace, will form a harmonious aspect with Jupiter. Your sheer willpower will bring in dividends. On August 10th, Mercury in Virgo forms a trine with Jupiter. Some good communication habits you have adopted in the workplace will pay off.

On the 25th, Mars forms a trine with Pluto. This is a great day to aim for either a promotion or a switch in roles. If you want a new job, make sure to drop your resumé by the middle of the month so you can start interviewing on or around this date. September 8th is another date to circle on your calendar for your efforts to be noticed and rewarded in the workplace. September 16th may bring unexpected but pleasant news in your career. Your overall luck in finances will start to wane but not go away completely once Jupiter goes retrograde on September 4th. If you manage to bring the process of reflecting on money and wealth and bring it inwards, you may still benefit from the influx, though.

On July 11th, Mercury enters Leo. The art of conversation acquires some extra importance for those of you who are currently dating around trying to meet potential suitors. Mental activities can help you reinvigorate an established relationship where things are getting repetitive as well. The Sun follows Mercury into Leo on July 23rd. Expect your focus to shift not only to casual, fun romance but also to creativity and making good use of your free time.

However, on July 23rd, Venus goes retrograde in Leo until September 4th. This means a few things, both good and bad. The retrograde can help you out in matters of the heart, especially in the long run, because it means Venus will stick around in this portion of your chart for much longer than usual. Especially for those of you who do the inner work of reflecting on your own value and what’s most important in a relationship. You will remain magnetic through this extended period of time, and opportunities for fun and meeting new people abound. However, it is still Venus retrograde, so do remember to hit the breaks when it comes to making things official with your new boo. There’ll always be time for that later on. There’s an incredible opportunity to manifest new love or even conception with the New Moon in Leo on August 16th.

For those of you already in committed relationships or about to be, or even those of you in business partnerships, you may see things start to pick up after August 27th when Mars enters Libra. You may find yourself and your partner fuelled by a newfound energy to be proactive about whatever it is you must face as a couple, or you may meet a potential business partner who is quite direct in the way they communicate and is never idle.


Taurus (April 20–May 20)

Some of you will be feeling sluggish with Venus retrograde in Leo and Mercury retrograde in fellow Earth sign. However, there are good news in your career from August onwards. Committed partnerships will have a quiet summer, but there will be movement and a bit of confusion for people in less established relationships.

By the beginning of the season, beware of signing the dotted line on anything related to money, as Mercury, transiting your second house of personal assets and finances on June 25th, will be forming a tense aspect with Neptune. Neptune can make things confusing or even create mirages or help mask people with not-so-pure intentions. Try to wait before doing anything on and around this date. If the person is well-intentioned enough, the deal should still be on the table by July.

On a more personal level, on July 17th, Mercury, then transiting your fourth house of home, your inner world, and your roots, will be forming a tense aspect with Jupiter, transiting your first house of the self and identity. Ever since Jupiter started transiting your Zodiac sign this past May, you have been on a journey to connect or reconnect with your sense of purpose, sometimes venturing on an adventure you wouldn’t usually have the courage to undertake. This new quest may spark some tension in July with the people you live with, or those you consider your family. This is especially the case in matters of communication. Perhaps your family feels left out in these big life decisions you are making, or like they’re the last people you’re telling your great news to.

Venus will go retrograde during the summer. Being the ruler of your chart, this is important for you to bear this in mind. It will go retrograde on July 23rd and stay retrograde until September 4th. It will be stationed in your fourth house of home, your inner world, and your family and roots. This means a few things. It is a great chance to reassess and explore your inner world, especially through the arts. Your impulse to make things beautiful and apply your eye for aesthetics will be applied to your home, but wait before you make a big purchase. Aesthetics may have a disappointing result during Venus retrograde. Some of you will also experience a dip in vital energy during the retrograde, or a short dry spell in your finances. A few will see your charm diminish or only be noticed by people who know you well.

For your overall career, you can’t miss the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 1st. The reset button will be pressed on your tenth house of career and public reputation. You may coordinate some sort of letting go process in this area of life so it coincides with this Full Moon to attract good luck in the coming period.

In matters of the heart, the activity seems to be more about a casual relationship or the “fun” side of a committed relationship. If you want to meet somebody new, put yourself out there before the first retrograde of the season on July 23rd. Venus retrograde may attract back an old love interest, especially one from your childhood, or teenage years, or somebody who’s connected to your family or city of origin.

Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo, your fifth house of casual relationships, fun, and self-expression, from August 23rd to September 15th. Try to remain in the same relationship status as you were at the beginning of the retrograde. If you get more committed or break up, you or your partner may regret either the decision or some of the details of this decision, and you may have to renegotiate. Other than these retrogrades, the energy in your love life is very positive and gets better as the season goes by. This is especially the case if you keep things casual and light, or if you focus your efforts within your committed partnership towards having fun and building memories together.


Gemini (May 21–June 21)

This is a great summer for both your personal finances and your career. You will start to see movement in love in the late summer when Mars enters your fifth house of fun, casual romance, and self-expression.

This summer, your career and personal finances are lighting up in the best way possible. The summer starts off with the Sun entering your second house of personal finances and assets and bringing much-needed clarity and movement into this area, followed by Mercury on June 27th. This brings a lot of mental activity and communication regarding your career. Watch your mouth right before then, though, as on June 25th, there is a tense aspect between Mercury, still transiting your own Zodiac sign, and Saturn in your tenth house of career. Your words could be used against you in your job or workplace, so do take care and bite your tongue if necessary.

This transit is followed by a trine between the Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces in your tenth house of career and reputation on June 29th. This is a positive aspect in which your magnetism towards money is informed by your sense of duty and the pleasure you feel in your chosen career – or some clarity that you gain regarding that matter, if you are not too happy with where you are career-wise. There is a similar harmonious aspect, this time between Mercury and Saturn, on June 30th. Your hard work when communicating your value in the workplace is about to pay off, big time. If you are a freelancer, make sure to prepare for this aspect by making content about who you are and what you offer. Whatever you put out before this date will earn you big dividends.

July offers another great opportunity when it comes to your personal finances with the New Moon of the 17th. Whatever you decide to manifest on this date will come to you easily and effortlessly. This is another month otherwise filled with harmonious aspects between planets impacting your career. Take note of these dates: July 1st, July 9th, and July 20th.

August is a bit of a mixed bag in general. The Full Moon in Pisces on August 31st brings the end of a cycle in your career and public reputation. The demands of your home life or more emotional matters may demand you take some time and/or energy away from your work on August 22nd.

On August 23rd, Mercury goes retrograde as well. Because your chart is ruled by Mercury, you may feel fatigued, or the small inconveniences and annoyances of the retrograde may get to you more than to other people. Do not despair, nothing is as dramatic or serious as it may seem and everything has a solution. Take the challenges as tests to your patience and grow and mature as a result. You will feel much-needed relief once Mercury goes direct on September 15th.

When it comes to matters of the heart, there is less activity than the one regarding your career when it comes to the stars. But the few transits in this area of your chart are still promising. Expect positive movement and change in August and September. On August 27th, Mars, the planet of action and masculine energy, enters your fifth house of fun, romance, and self-expression. If you have experienced a bit of a dry spell when it comes to dating, fear not. Things are about to pick up. You may start talking to someone new or rekindle things with someone from the past. Do bear into account, though, that Venus is in retrograde until September 4th. Take your time while getting to know the new exciting people in your life.


Cancer (June 22–July 22)

Your manifestation powers this season are through the roof. This applies to any and all areas of life, and is reinforced for your personal finances. Use the the energy to your advantage to generate wealth.

The New Moon in Cancer of July 17th offers a unique opportunity that repeats itself once a year. This is the opportunity to reinvent yourself completely or manifest whatever you would like. If you want to make a massive change to your appearance, this is a great date to do so.

With Venus going retrograde in your second house of personal finances and assets between July 23rd and September 4th, expect this aspect of your life to slow down a little. This doesn't have to be anything catastrophic, especially if you work with the energy – not against it – and try to take stock of the way you assign value to people, places, and things, as well as yourself and your own labor. All the inner work you do during this time will pay off once the retrograde is over. Before the retrograde, be prepared for some surprises of all sorts regarding your finances between July 23rd and August 22nd. There are some more stable and positive dates regarding your finances, especially on July 27th and August 13th, so send out your resumé or pitch clients around these dates to get you through the chaotic energy of this period.

The New Moon in Leo of August 16th is a great opportunity to manifest a better future for you, financially speaking. You can even use it to manifest a greater sense of self and what you bring to the table, and you will see results of this in your finances as well, though you may have to wait until after Venus retrograde is over to see the results of this.

Your love relationships are due to remain rather quiet this season. The one notable exception is the Full Moon in Capricorn of July 3rd. This marks the ending of a cycle. We often associate endings with bad things, but it doesn't have to be that way. You may be ending a period in your relationship that was troubled, or you may move on to a more committed era with your boo. You know your situation better than anyone, and know which period is coming to a head. If you are single, you may be shown that what you thought you valued in a partner is not what you need at all.


Leo (July 23–August 22)

All eyes are on you, just how you like it. Do remember that Venus will be going retrograde in your own sign for the best part of the summer, though. You will benefit from a subdued magnetism all the season, but do try to go slow, especially in romance and your finances.

The transit of Venus through your sign, made longer because of the retrograde, is meant to benefit you in the long run. Venus will stay in the Zodiac sign of Leo in your first house of self, identity, and your physical appearance for four months, more than double the usual for a Venus transit. Especially if you take the retrograde seriously and devote some time to reflect upon your own self and whether what you present to society matches your true value, you will benefit from a lot of magnetism.

On July 11th, Mercury enters your sign, making you more communicative and rational. On July 27th, Mercury will be conjunct Venus in your first house, making you more likely to score a client or a job if you express yourself. On the 28th, Mercury will enter your second house of personal finances and assets. This is a great news for those of you who work in anything related to communication or logistics. Otherwise, you will see better results in your work by communicating clearly and assertively.

August will be more focused on your relationships. First off, we have the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 1st, marking the end of a cycle in a one-on-one friendship, business partnership, or committed relationship. An ending doesn't have to be a bad thing, though. Perhaps you will move to a better stage together, though. For those of you who are single or wish a change in your current relationships, August's New Moon in your own sign can help you manifest the kind of magnetism you need. It is also a great time to reinvent yourself.

From August 23rd to September 15th, beware of your finances. Mercury will go retrograde in your second house of assets and personal finances. This doesn't have to mean anything catastrophic, though. Just be mindful of the details and perhaps make some time to reasses your current spending habits.


Virgo (August 23–September 22)

There will be highs and lows in your personal energy. The good news is that your finances will start to pick up in the late summer.

The spring starts off for you with a harmonious aspect between the Sun, transiting your eleventh house of friendship, and Saturn, transiting your seventh house of committed relationships. A friendship may bloom into more, or a friend may introduce you to a future partner, business partner, or important friendship. A similar harmonious energy takes place between Mercury in the same house and Saturn shortly after. A similar (but less grounded) aspect takes place later on, on July 9th.

For those of you experiencing fatigue or a general lack of motivation, fear not. Mars is entering your sign on July 10th. You will experience a surge of motivation and proactivity during this transit, but do watch for your temper.

On July 3rd, the Full Moon in Capricorn takes place on your fifth house of fun and romance. This may indicate that a new relationship that's more about having fun than getting serious is about to enter your life, or that your current relationship demands more attention on that area, no matter how committed it is. It may also mean the ending of a casual relationship, but this ending is probably one you saw coming. For those of you in a committed relationship, be careful with your actions on July 20th, since Mars in your own sign will be forming a tense aspect with Saturn in your seventh house of committed relationships.

You may see some of your energy start to wane as Mercury goes retrograde on August 23rd. It will go direct once again on Sepember 15th. Feeling a bit out of sorts or the little things getting to you more than usual is normal for people with important Virgo placements, since Mercury rules Virgo. Try to remain calm and keep what is most important long-term top of mind. Nothing that happens during Mercury retrograde is that bad, though it certainly gets on everyone's nerves.

For those of you wanting to improve your finances, Mars enters your second house of finances and assets on August 27th. You will be filled with motivation to earn money and save it. Right before spring ends, there is another opportunity to completely reinvent yourself with the New Moon in Virgo of September 15th. On and around that date, whatever you can imagine is certainly a possibility. 


Libra (September 23–October 23)

Your career is looking very promising this summer, with an influx of energy going in that direction. You can expect to see movement in your love life from August onwards.

The summer starts off for you with very promising energies involving your career and public reputation. The Sun enters your tenth house of career and reputation on the day of the Equinox itself, bringing your focus there. On the 27th, Mercury enters this house, too, directing your mental and communicative efforts in that direction as well. On the 29th and 30th, there are harmonious aspects happening between various planets located in your tenth house and Saturn in your sixth house, indicating there will be some sort of reward for your habits in the workplace.

July's New Moon in Cancer of the 17th is a great time to manifest a new beginning in your career. If you aren't sure what kind of career would make you feel fulfilled, you can ask your guides to bring you clarity on or around this date as well. You can also manifest the kind of opportunity that would benefit you most in this area of life, you will see the result fast.

On July 23rd until September 4th, Venus will go retrograde in your eleventh house of friendship, community, and shared goals. This is a great time to go inward and reflect about what you really value in a friendship or a community and how you can bring some value to the people around you. Limit your actions to keeping your current friends and doing some inner work so you can get out of the retrograde with a brand new perspective on this area of life, ready to reap the benefits of all the hard work you've put in.

In matters of the heart, things won't pick up until August 1st, with the Full Moon in Aquarius in your fifth house of fun, romance, and casual lovers. A few of you will be either breaking up or becoming more committed in casual relationships. Others will see the ending of a process in this area unfold. Endings don't always have to be bad, especially if you have put your best foot forward, as you probably have, having an important Libra placement. On August 27th, Mars will enter your first house of the body, the self, and your physical appearance, giving you much-needed energy and vital force, as well as a sense of motivation.


Scorpio (October 24–November 21)

This is a pretty eventful season for you. You will benefit the most from it if you take things slow and take your time to reflect, especially in matters of career. All areas of life will be lighting up for you, though.

The summer starts off with Mars in your tenth house of career and reputation forming a tense aspect with Uranus in your seventh house of committed partnership and significant one-on-one relationships. Something unexpected may come up on your partner's end or with your business partner that makes you adjust a few things in your professional life. As Uranus is involved, it could be anything from a minor inconvenience to a major change.

On the 29th and 30th, there is a harmonious energy surrounding your love life. You and a lover or committed partner may go on a bit of an adventure to renew the romance in your relationship, or you may meet someone exciting if you decide to stray away from your comfort zone.

In July, your one-on-one significant relationships still seem to generate conflict in your career or reputation, as indicated by the aspects of July 2nd, July 17th, July 23rd, and July 27th. Venus will also be going retrograde in your tenth house of career and public reputation. You will be reflecting on your own personal value and how it translates to the way you inhabit the workplace. As a Scorpio placement, going inward and reflecting is something you do instinctively. Once the retrograde is over, you will be in a much better position energetically to act and decide according to the conclusions you've reached in your time for reflection. In the meantime, you will enjoy some subdued magnetism in everything career related. The option to find love through social media is also there during this transit, so do with that information what you will.

August offers a significant New Moon when it comes to your career on the 16th. Since the retrograde is affecting that area of your life, though, it is best to manifest clarity, energy, or other type of blessing that is experienced mostly inward. Once Venus goes direct, you will be ready to work non-stop until you achieve success.

In your love life, September offers some harmonious energy for those of you already in committed relationships, especially on the 8th and 16th. This may also count for those of you who are on the verge of being in a committed relationship. If you are single or not in need of any extra push there, you can harness the energy of these dates towards any other significant one-on-one relationship.


Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

You're off to a bit of an awkward start in matters of the heart at the beginning of the summer. Then, the focus shifts to your career, where a lot of success awaits.

The summer starts off with a bit of tense energy between Mercury in your seventh house of committed partnership and Neptune in your fourth house of home, inner world, family, and roots. This could translate into several scenarios. Feelings repressed or kept under the surface may come to a boil with a partner. Your family may have some disagreements with your partner, or you may have a conflict yourselves because of something happening at home if you live together. If you put your best foot forward regarding communication, though, it is nothing that cannot be solved.

The Full Moon of July 3rd takes place in your second house of personal finances and assets. This marks the ending of a period in your management of money and the beginning of a new one. You could also achieve a financial milestone on or around this date. From July 10th onwards, the focus starts to be more and more on your career as the energy starts to light up there. It all comes into a bit of a halt with Mercury retrograde starting on August 23rd in the area of your chart that affects your career. Exercise caution and care until September 16th, when it goes direct. However, August 25th offers a lighter, more auspicious kind of energy as Mars in your tenth house of career forms a harmonious aspect with Pluto in your second house of finances.

These are some positive dates to watch out for regarding your career in September: September 6th, September 8th, and September 16th. On September 15th, the New Moon in Virgo is an excellent opportunity to manifest a new beginning in your career.


Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

This season is full of financial and romantic opportunities for you if you are down to explore them.

As the spring fades into summer, the focus slowly moves towards your significant one-on-one relationships. This counts for romantic relationships, one-on-one friendships, and business partnerships. There are harmonious aspects between planets in your seventh house of committed relationships and your third house of communication between June 29th and June 30th.

July starts off with the end of a cycle regarding your sense of self and your identity with the Full Moon in Capricorn of July 3rd. As the middle of July approaches, the New Moon in your seventh house of committed partnership offers you an opportunity to manifest the partner you have always dreamed of.


In August, there is a perfect opportunity to manifest some extra cash with the New Moon in Aquarius of August 1st. It takes place in your second house of personal finances and assets, so whatever wealth you can dream of on or around this date, it is wealth you can cocreate with the Universe. On August 27th, Mars enters your tenth house of career and public reputation, making you more proactive on that front. From then onwards, Mars aspects other planets beautifully, lending your efforts a helping hand.

We haven't discussed your love life much, other than what is due to happen in June. Jupiter has been transiting your fifth house of casual romance, self-expression and fun since May, though. This means you have experience a surge of luck in love affairs or some good old fun with your committed partner. This will slow down when Jupiter goes retrograde September 4th, so make the most of this summer in matters of the heart.


Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

This is a golden month for your personal finances. You will also be quite preoccupied with love, since Venus will be transiting your seventh house of committed partnerships for most of the season.

The summer starts out with some harmonious energy regarding your finances, especially on June 25th, June 29th, and June 30th. You may experience something unexpected in your love life on June 26th, when Mars, transiting your seventh house of committed partnership, forms a square with Uranus in your fourth house of home and your inner world. You may snap at your partner, or you may have a disagreement regarding something related to the home, if you live together. Try to keep your cool and communicate clearly through whatever happens to you then.

The good luck in your finances continues in July, especially on or around July 9th and July 20th. The focus shifts to your committed relationships, romantic or not, from July 2nd onwards. There is a series of ups and downs (mostly ups) that won't quite let up until September. This is so because of Venus's extended stay in your seventh house of committed partnership, including the retrograde that begins on July 23rd and ends on September 4th. You and your boo may be working out some things that may have happened in the past that weren't fully addressed.

In August, there is a Full Moon happening on the 31st affecting your personal finances and assets. You will see an increase in energy here, but also the ending of a cycle. Perhaps it's time to end an overspending habit, or anything else that may be holding you back financially.


Pisces (February 19–March 20)

Most of the focus of this summer will be placed on relationships, be them romantic or platonic. You are certainly guaranteed a fun summer, though!

The summer starts off with a lot of energy placed in your fifth house of fun, casual relationships, and self-expression. A lot of people with important Pisces placements are artistically inclined, so this could mean a renewed focus there, if not in your love life. The energies in your love life are particularly promising on June 29th and 30th. Some of you may experience a bit of exhaustion from June 30th onwards, though. This is so because the ruler of your chart, Neptune, will go retrograde on June 30th.

For those of you who are single, the New Moon in Cancer of July 17th is a great opportunity to manifest a new suitor. On July 28th, the existing focus on your love life and relationships becomes strengthened as Mercury enters Virgo in your seventh house of committed partnerships. A few of you may see a relationship quickly escalate from casual to serious this summer. However, Mercury does go retrograde in this area of your chart from August 23rd to September 16th, so, in that specific time period, hit the brakes on any movements that may be taking place in your relationship.

The summer ends with a hopeful note with the New Moon in Virgo of September 15th. If you are still single by then, or even if you want the energy in your current relationship to change, this is the time to manifest just that. The Universe is listening.

Are you excited for summer already? We know we are. Share with a friend and have a blessed Summer Equinox!


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