Facial Rollers 101

Facial Rollers 101

Facial rollers are some of the trendiest new skincare products in the industry, with bloggers, influencers, and even celebs singing their praises. Sure, you’ve seen them all over your Instagram feed, but what really are facial rollers, and what do they do for your skin?

What is a facial roller?                                                                       

Shaped like little paint rollers for your skin, facial rollers are basically just handheld massagers. They’re typically made of either solid jade stone or rose quartz, which are both materials that are known for helping to relieve stress and balance inner energies with their relaxing elements. Though it seems like they’ve just recently started to make their debut into the beauty world, jade rollers have actually been around for centuries, making appearances in beauty routines as far back as 7th century China.

How do they help your skin?

From a skincare stance, there’s actually a ton of benefits to using facial rollers. Rose quartz specifically is known for having anti-aging properties, but both jade and rose quartz rollers work to detox your skin (by way of lymphatic drainage), stimulate blood flow/improve circulation, reduce any inflammation or puffiness, and help your skin fully absorb your favorite skincare products like masks, moisturizers or oils. Not to mention how calming and relaxing it feels to just treat yourself to a mini massage!

Image: Jeff Elkins

Pro tip: Store your roller in the fridge overnight to help give your skin a cool, refreshing boost in the morning! 

How do you use a facial roller?

Just go with what feels good on your skin! We recommend starting out with clean skin for best results. One of the most popular methods is to start from the center of your face and work outwards, rolling over each area of your face a couple of times while applying a gentle amount of pressure. Or, try applying your favorite serum or moisturizer first and work them in with the roller for a more luxurious feel.



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