Get To Know @detailed_beauty_

Get To Know @detailed_beauty_

Name: Chelsea. R

Location: Houston, TX

Star Sign: Gemini

Skin Type: Dehydrated & Acne Prone

Current skin problem?  I’m currently trying to use brightening products to help with the hyperpigmentation that’s left behind by acne.

When did you get into skin care? I first starting looking into skincare seriously when I was 22 and all of the sudden I had adult acne. I had never really had any skin issues and all of the sudden it felt like I was a teenager. I was so embarrassed and barely wanted to show my face so I started looking into different ways to heal my acne.

First skin care product you fell in love with? May Lindstrom’s Problem Solver was the first product that made me start loving skincare. There is just something about it. Mixing the mask, the smell, having to take time out for myself. It was more than just a skincare product. It was the first time skincare started feeling like self care.

Wet mask or Dry mask? Wet mask. I’m still not totally on board with the whole dry masking thing.

Lip balm or Lip gloss? Lip balm. All day everyday. Lip balm’s a necessity. Lip gloss is a luxury.

Candles or Incense?  I love a good candle. I probably have 15+ hiding in different corners of my apartment.

Stay up late or Wake up early? Stay up late.  I’m the worst morning person! But it’s one of my 2019 goals to get better about waking up early.

90’s or 00’s? 90’s!

Coffee or Tea? Tea for sure. I don’t drink coffee but tea I could drink all day.

City or Beach? I love exploring new cities.

Creams or Oils? I live by oils! I can go days without actually applying a cream to my skin, but everyday I use oil of some sort.

Glycolic or Lactic? Lactic. Caroline Hirons calls Lactic the “pac-man” of exfoliation, eating away at the surface layer of your skin. Since most of my skin issues are on the surface, lactic is definitely my go-to.

If stranded on a desert island what’s the one skin care product you must have? Luxe Botanics Camu Brightening Mist. This has to be the best mist that I have ever used. It’s so soothing and hydrating. The mist is incredibly fine. I like to sandwich it between each layer of my skincare routine to add intense amounts of hydration.

What’s the best skin care advice you’ve ever received? If you make skincare into a ritual instead of just a routine it never feels like a chore. When I found products that I LOVED to use, things that felt luxurious, my skincare felt more like I was pampering myself every night. It stopped becoming something I thought I had to do and started becoming something I looked forward to. Caring for yourself should never feel like a chore.


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