How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Libido

How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Libido

In layman's terms, libido is essentially a person’s sex drive or sexual appetite. However, it’s a lot more than just the urge or desire to engage in sexual activities. Many professionals have linked libido to be more than just a physical reaction. Libido is driven by hormones and body functions in addition to psychological and even environmental factors.

We all have varying degrees of libido. Some people are more in tune with their bodies and sexual needs and libido becomes something much more than just having sex or masturbating.  For many, it can be a source of inspiration that unlocks creativity or even spirituality. It’s a feeling of being powerful, confident, and full of energy. On the other hand, some individuals may struggle to feel like this. They have very little desire for sex or intimacy and are too stressed out by various factors which inhibit them from truly embracing their libido. How can you improve your libido and overcome issues that prevent you from enjoying its many benefits?

What Affects Your Libido?

Since we’ve established that libido goes beyond physical urges, what are some things that affect your libido? Some people have very high sex drives and others barely have one. When you look at the reasons why libido is different for everyone, many factors come into play.

Low libido can be caused by several things. These include:

  • high-stress levels
  • aging and a natural decline in hormones involved in sex
  • low self-esteem
  • poor body image
  • unhealthy diets
  • medical problems or chronic diseases
  • obesity
  • use of medications or narcotics
  • lack of intimacy

The list can go on, and they are also more or less the same reasons why someone may experience poor health and wellbeing in general. Improving these conditions and taking better care of yourself will ultimately result in regaining a healthy libido.

This doesn’t necessarily infer that you will turn into a “lean, mean sex machine”. Some people may have conditions or injuries that prevent them from having sex at all. While they may not be able to explore their sex drives through the act of sex, libido can help them experience other pleasures. Many other aspects of libido can be enjoyable on their own. Feelings of being close to someone can inspire the production of feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. Stimulating your senses by joining your partner (or yourself) through touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound can also give you a rush of euphoria or pleasure. These are all connected to your libido!


Being Mindful Leads To Better Physical And Mental Health

People who experience healthy levels of libido may be more likely to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. They may also seem to be more connected to their inner selves. One probable method for achieving this level of self-awareness and acceptance is practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a pretty broad territory and is also very unique to every individual. To me, mindfulness means that you are more aware of who you are, how you affect your environment, and vice versa. It can be something as simple as paying closer attention to the food you eat and how it impacts your body. It is also about thinking deeply and making decisions that will have a positive outcome on your development and general well-being. When you are mindful, you are more empathetic, resilient and find a deeper meaning to everything you encounter. No matter how mundane or simple something can be, you will always place a higher value on it. Mindful thinking allows you to view life as a series of experiences (both good and bad) that provide lessons and wisdom. This can then ultimately lead to you achieving the best version of yourself.

With this on the table, being mindful may also have a positive impact on your libido. If you struggle with low libido, you can try to practice mindfulness. You may find the root cause of your unhappiness or pull yourself out of a rut by being more appreciative and kinder to yourself. Meditation, deep breathing, and taking time to engage in self-care can do wonders for your overall health and well-being. Deep breathing may help you have better sex, with yourself or with a partner. It can open up a conversation between you and your body and help you connect with your inner desires to unlock your libido and sexuality.

Taking a mindful approach to health means that you will actively pursue solutions to your health problems. Exercise, for instance, has a long list of benefits for your health including mental and sexual health. Again, we encounter those feel-good hormones. When you work out, your body releases these hormones and you feel happy, strong, and ready to take on the world. The presence of these hormones also plays a major role in reducing stress, depression, and anxiety naturally.

Exercise also improves your health and helps you to live a better quality of life. You may find yourself feeling more energetic with regular exercise. You will even find that your sex life becomes more enjoyable. You will eventually become stronger, more flexible, and feel more confident in bed. And this can surely take your libido up a notch or two.

How To Be Mindful

If you want to improve your libido or focus on your health which will, in turn, lead to a healthy libido, mindfulness may work for you. It’s a natural, holistic approach to better health and you don’t need anything but your mindset. It may not be an easy, overnight success and demands consistency to make progress. However, with determination, it is achievable. Start by setting small goals such as being mindful of the food you eat, how you interact with others, or by signing up for a yoga class. Choosing to live mindfully means that you will seek better choices for your health. It starts with taking care of yourself!

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