How to Hygge In the Summer

How to Hygge In the Summer

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Summer is finally here and that means longer, warmer days. Don’t spend them loafing around at home on the patio. We’ve put together our (Hygge inspired) summer bucket list so you can have a simple and not overly complex summer. Because summer’s are made for gathering, loving and relaxing.

Rosé All Day

Pour yourself a glass of rose (or any wine for that matter) to enjoy or mix up this watermelon frosé. You don’t have to do the pouring yourself take in the view from a rooftop bar.


Get Outdoors & Gather with Friends

Picnicking, barbequing, camping or glamping— choose you poison and delight in the longer days, warm lakes and fresh produce that make these activities more communal and fun.

Check Out Your Local Arts Scene

Free museums, Shakespeare in the Park, farmers markets and craft festivals are just a few reasons to get out and explore.

Cover your home in flowers

Not literally but put a few bouquets in some vases. Sunny windows love these.

Scent Up Your Space

Burn a great smelling candle like this one from Wood Wick or bring some zen to your space with the aroma of herbal plant incense.

Photo: food52

Lighten Up & Clear the Clutter

Switch up your linens with lighter neutral colors and fabrics. We like muted blues, warm whites and gauze and linen. And while we know it doesn’t seem fun to clean you can’t Hygge with clutter all around. Make a quick sweep and clear off all surfaces.



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