Pleasure Rituals for Your Everyday

Pleasure Rituals for Your Everyday

Rituals are the primary way to elevate the monotonous routines sprinkled throughout our lives. I recently heard somebody describe trying to live their lives as if they are the main character in a movie, along with all of the romance of a rose-tinted filter on the camera lens as you hang the laundry or do the dishes. Let's take a close look at four types of self-care rituals you can make part of your every day.

Put the Phone Away

I'll level with you. I'm one of those people who checks her phone while she brushes her teeth. Technology has been set up to draw us in, and yet, unplugging and grounding yourself in the real world has been shown to reduce stress, improve your physical health, and even helps you discover whole chunks of time lost to Instagram scrolling.

Next time the temptation to grab your phone and scroll, scroll, scroll comes knocking; try taking a moment to journal. The Grateful Heart and Gratitude Journal from The Lamare can give you a helping hand with prompts, mindfulness tips, and coloring pages for when you need to daydream and breathe away from the thoughts of the day.

Create Your Sanctuary

A sanctuary away from the humdrum daily life can be as simple as changing the light. Go around the house every evening, turn off the intense top light, replace it with indirect lamps, and light some candles. Add something like Sijo's Calm Essential Oil Blend to a diffuser to delight all of your senses. A little extra tip: apply some of the essential oil to your pulse points to allow you to take the peace and calm with you (just make sure you dilute with a carrier oil first. We love this set from Now Foods).

Embrace Pleasure

Skincare can be a moment of bliss. Cleanse the dirt of the day away and take a moment to appreciate and savor your skin. Soothe away puffiness with this beautiful Amethyst Facial Spa Set and follow up with Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Serum. The pleasure of the ritual is much more about elevating the everyday act than the product itself. But beautiful textures and scents are a bonus!

Living with Gratitude

Life knocks you down sometimes, and it can be hard to look around with gratitude. Try dedicating some time in your morning or evening, think about the things you are grateful for. List 5 things that have made you smile. They can be as simple as seeing a beautiful sunset or as complex as a vacation in Paris. The I AM Everything affirmation card deck fuels that fire of gratitude inside yourself. Quiet the noise of the world and sit with feelings of gratefulness and wellness within yourself.

You can combine all of the above into one all-encompassing ritual of the day. Let it flow from moment to moment and carry you through even the most difficult of days. There is beauty in routine, ritual, and ceremony. If a practice is not working for you, abandon it and find a new one. This is your time.



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