9 Journal Prompts for Reflecting on 2021

9 Journal Prompts for Reflecting on 2021

Underneath the layers of 2021 lies a collective longing for our distant past — a past brimming with social gatherings, celebration, and rose-tinted hopes for the future. Looking ahead may feel daunting as we try to envision a new way of gathering and operating, but when you lift the veil of our old normal it’s clear that there was something seriously wrong with it all along — long, undisturbed office hours, unfair labor practices, and lack of proper healthcare just to name a few. As we progress onward we understand the integral need for a collective spiritual maintenance, like universal self-care, more time for everyone to relax, more time for relationships, and time to pursue the careers we want. Now, life’s all about regaining autonomy and reclaiming our time back to pursue our professional endeavors and creative bliss, whatever that looks like.

Astrologically speaking, we’ve seen two lunar eclipses, three Mercury retrogrades, and in addition, five other planetary retrogrades in 2021, and boy, was it a doozy. Between each Mercury retrograde grappling in emotionally detached air signs, lucky Jupiter entering its backspin, and Venus retrograde stirring up our love life, it’s a miracle we survived the celestial awakening brought on by the Age of Aquarius. But as we shed our past and greet 2022 with what optimism we have left, we’re offered another opportunity to peel back more layers of unfairness, to transmute adversity into something cosmically beautiful.

So, how do you wish to reshape the year to come? What are things you want to manifest in the face of uncertainty? Taking time before the year end to reflect sincerely on your year will help you find your footing in the year to come. Use these journal prompts to reflect on the year you look onward at the year ahead.

Journal Prompts for Reflection

Think to where you were financially at the beginning of 2021. Are you more or less satisfied with your financial standing? Are you closer or further away from your financial goals now than you were at the beginning of the year?

What have you had more time to do this year that you didn’t in 2020? Did you use any extra free time to pursue new skills or hobbies, or did you use your new free time to enjoy and relax?

Do you feel the same way about your present career now than you did in 2020? What has changed in your career, if it all? Did you have a change of heart since last year, or are you looking to expand your professional horizons?

How have you stayed mindful during 2021? What methods have worked for you?

How have you prioritized self-care, if at all? What practices have kept you grounded and helped you care for yourself?

Write ten things you’re grateful for in 2021. How has your attitude of gratitude changed since 2020? Has your gratitude changed or improved since last year?

Recall your relationships. How have they improved? Have you had more or less time to nurture them this year than in 2020?

What are some adversities you faced in 2021? How did you handle them in comparison to how you handled adversity in 2020?

What are your intentions going into 2022?

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