The 7 Best Apps to Track Your Period in 2022

The 7 Best Apps to Track Your Period in 2022

There’s an app for almost everything you can think of, even for tracking your menstrual cycle. The average woman experiences many fluctuations in their cycle. Everyone’s body reacts differently to hormones, stress, health factors, and their environment. Unless you’re on a set course of birth control pills or IUD, you may find your period to be all over the place at times. Period tracker apps are tools that women and girls can use to help predict when Aunt Flo will visit, ovulation times, and much more.

Most menstrual tracker apps have both free and paid subscription plans. Paid subscriptions usually unlock more features or provide more in-depth data analysis, but you can get a fairly decent experience using the free versions of them. There are also dozens of apps so it may be overwhelming trying to pick one! If you don’t have time for trial and error, don’t worry we’ve curated the ultimate list of period tracker apps to make it easier for you to choose one that suits you best. Here are some of the best apps for period tracking on the Apple and Android market today.


Spot On

Spot On is worth looking into if it’s the first time you’re downloading a period tracker. First of all, it was developed by Planned Parenthood, which is a leading organization in the realm of reproductive health and sex education. The app offers a period, birth control, and fertility calendar in addition to features that track your mood and activities. You can even get reminders about when you should update your contraception method or manage your method more efficiently. You also gain access to expert guidance from certified sex educators from the Planned Parenthood organization. Another huge plus is that this app is free to use with no in-app purchases required.



If you love collecting data and metrics about yourself, Glow is a must. It allows you to log 40+ data points such as symptoms, sex drive, stress level, and more. The more data you input and regular use of the app allows for more accuracy and better health insights. You can use Glow for tracking and predicting your period, ovulation, best times for conception, and even monitor your sexual activity. Glow also lets you compare your stats with other users. You can view where you fall in the index for various stats within your age group and if there is anything unusual with your cycle you should pay attention to. Glow Premium unlocks all features for a monthly or lifetime subscription.



The Stardust app has a unique take on menstrual tracking. It uses elements of astrology, science, the lunar cycle, and AI to foster a more holistic approach than most period trackers. It uses your data to predict your period, PMS symptoms, ovulation, and chances of pregnancy. Stardust also provides daily insights based on your cosmic energy, how the moon affects your cycle, and how to achieve better lunar synchronicity to make decisions. If you crave something a little more aesthetic that allows you to connect with your inner goddess, Stardust is certainly an intriguing path to explore.



Clue is best for those who have recently stopped the pill or other forms of birth control. After being used to a pill routine, you may have some trouble getting back into the natural flow of things and understanding your body’s cues. Clue gives you a clue handling your body’s readjustments when going back to your natural menstrual cycle. It records and tracks various symptoms associated with your cycle from migraines to skin irritability and even how light or heavy your flow is on certain days. Clue helps you to identify patterns that lead to better predictions and understanding of your period cycle, especially if you’re aiming to conceive. The free version gives you a pretty good tracking tool but you can purchase an upgrade for more features if you so desire.


Period Tracker Period Calendar

Period Tracker Period Calendar is perfect for young girls who have just started getting their period and for those about to hit puberty. It’s a simple, user-friendly design that helps girls gain a better understanding of their bodies and cycle. It’s cute, informative, great for teaching healthy habits, logging symptoms, and predicting the start and end of each monthly cycle. Period Tracker Period Calendar is also useful for those who have just started the pill and need to develop a routine of taking it daily with helpful reminders.


Magic Girl                      

Another wonderful app that targets the younger generation of women is Magic Girl. With a straightforward design, it tracks your monthly menstruation as well as pill-taking for beginners. It also provides information about feminine hygiene products and has a built-in community that allows you to chat with other users to give or ask for period advice. It’s free, easily accessible, and doesn’t limit the audience to teens alone, any age group can use it as a simple and effective period tracking tool.


Ovia Fertility

Ovia Fertility app is designed for women who are actively trying to get pregnant. It provides a comprehensive structured tool that keeps determining your basal body temperature, cervical mucus, cervical position, and much more. You can keep track of your period, your optimal fertility windows, when to take a pregnancy test and everything you can think about when trying to conceive. It’s free to use but you can access the premium plan if your health plan or employer covers it.



There are so many apps on the market to help people who menstruate make sense of it all. It can be overwhelming trying to choose just one and many users often try a few before they find the right fit for their lifestyle. The bright side of all of the apps mentioned is that they’re available on both Android and Apple platforms, are free to download and use with optional upgrades to purchase for extra features. Tracking your period doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking or hard to maintain, download one of these great apps and try it for yourself!

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