What the Spring Equinox Means for Your Zodiac Sign

What the Spring Equinox Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Disclaimer: Health is sometimes discussed, especially regarding chances of conception and levels of vitality and energy. Please understand that this is not medical advice and talk to your doctor first.

The Spring Equinox marks a turning point for the energies moving forward this year. The transit of Pluto due to happen on March 23rd is a huge turning point. Pluto brings a necessary purge on the collective level. For the last few years, it has been transiting Capricorn and doing away with ways of working and moving in the professional world that were no longer working. That’s why the pandemic, despite being terrible, also brought with it the normalization of working from home and more hybrid systems in some industries.

As of 2023, Pluto will be transiting Aquarius. As Aquarius is the Zodiac sign of human rights for all, the Earth, technology, and the future, we can all agree that the transit of a planet that brings with it the end of stagnancy is vital. As a collective, we’ll be purging everything that has to do with microaggressions to marginalized groups – from POC to the disabled. The environment will become top of mind and we’ll start to direct our efforts there. Everything that stands in the way of making Mother Earth a priority, from something as simple as the way we have always packaged a certain product to entire systems, will be destroyed by Pluto.

Some echoes of the changes coming in technology have been seen in the tech world already. Those are about to become even more acute. Pluto will make sure tech is our ally, not the vampire sucking away our energies it is today.

The Spring Equinox itself starts off with the Sun entering Aries and forming a harmonious aspect with Pluto in the final degree of Capricorn. On the next day, March 21st, we have the New Moon in Aries. This means a few things. Aries is the Zodiac sign with the most energy, motivation, and vitality. It’s the Zodiac sign of pioneers. As it’s forming a harmonious aspect with Pluto, and Pluto is transiting the final degree of Capricorn, we’ll all get a bit of an epiphany regarding our energy and how it interrelates to the way we work. We’ll be inspired to do away with old habits and ways of thinking that are holding us back from our careers or from doing work that actually fulfills us on a soul level. A few of you may be pivoting in your careers or courses of study, and that’s a good thing, even if it’s scary! Trust that the stars are working for you, not against you, even if it seems like everything is uncertain right now.

On the 21st, get your manifestation tools and rituals ready. The New Moon in Aries is an excellent time to start new projects from scratch. You can also manifest more strength, vitality, motivation, and willpower. We can all use some of those for sure. If you’re a Libra or Sagittarius rising and have been yearning to meet your soulmate, this is the best time of the year for you to do so. If you’re a Cancer rising, this is the best time to manifest something career-related. Need an upgrade for your current financial situation? If you’re a Pisces rising, this is the prime time to manifest that thick wallet.

In case you’re a beginner to manifestation, simply writing down or saying out loud what you want works. The key is to say it as it has already happened and be in an attitude of openness and gratitude to the Universe. Some examples would include “thank you Universe because I finally crossed paths with my soulmate and we’re so in love” or “thanks Divinity for all the money I am receiving.” Avoid negative words, including “no”, “never” and “don’t”. And be careful what you wish for – you just might get it. You can also make it more elaborate by lighting candles (pink for love, red for motivation and willpower, gold for money and career, white for any intention), but that’s completely up to you.

This spring is also a season of retrogrades. But don’t despair, retrograde planets also bring with them an opportunity to do some inner work and come out of the retrograde with far more clarity than when they started. First off, there’s Mercury retrograde in Taurus between April 21st and May 15th. Then, there’s Pluto retrograde in Aquarius between May 1st and June 11th. Finally, Saturn goes retrograde on June 17th well into the fall, as it goes direct on November 4th.

Every retrograde will affect each Zodiac sign differently, but here’s a general overview of what these specific retrogrades mean and how to make the best of what can be a frustrating situation at times. In each specific horoscope, however, I have specified how the retrograde will affect the Zodiac sign if said retrograde is especially significant for the sign.

Mercury retrograde gets a bad reputation, and some of it is deserved. However, keep in mind that what happens during Mercury retrograde isn’t catastrophic. It can create hassles, misunderstandings, and inconveniences, but always remember that these tend to be reversible if both parties are willing to have an open dialogue once the retrograde is over. This specific retrograde will take place in the sign of Taurus, so money, assets, and material things may become a source of misunderstanding, confusion, and delays. This is also the case for food. Mercury here is forced to slow down, and it’s one of the fastest planets, so it’s a challenge.

If you can, avoid signing any sort of contract (that includes renting a house or apartment with your partner or getting married), making large purchases that, if they don’t work out, you’d have to sell. If possible, make sure your interpersonal relationships stay the same. If you are single, date around, but remain single until the retrograde is over. If you’re in a relationship and there isn’t an extreme case of abuse, stay together, the breakup will be messy (even if the mess is just due to logistics) if it happens before May 15th. Don’t get engaged either, as you may have to revise the agreement. If you’re getting married during the retrograde, the marriage will be long-lasting but expect the wedding itself to give you more headaches than usual. The devil’s in the details – don’t get stressed but beware of the details. Exes emerge during Mercury retrograde as well.

Old friendships, bosses, and colleagues may come back, too. If an old boss offers you a job and it feels right, accept it. Taurus rules over money and prosperity after all. The exes that reappear may come back to you with a bit of possessive, jealous energy. But some of you may get closure. And the retrograde is a great time to reconnect with old friends. The gatherings you organize may take a while to finally happen, but, when they do, there will be an energy of peace and calm about them that will be great.

Expect delays in particular, as Taurus is a master of patience and waiting. Some flights may be delayed. If you travel, check and triple check you don’t forget any of your belongings anywhere. That tends to happen a lot during Mercury retrograde. Make sure you make some extra effort when communicating with your loved ones. As the retrograde takes place in Taurus, slow communication in terms that are easy to understand may be required. People tend to take things more personally during Mercury retrograde, and Taurus wants you to exercise patience. If things get heated with a loved one, take a deep breath and bite your tongue. Get some space and talk about it once you have had time to think about what happened.

This is how all Zodiac signs can take advantage of this Mercury retrograde: Go within. Think about your relationship with food, nutrition, money, nature, and your work-life balance. Take those journals out, and write about your feelings about these topics. Make sure to discuss them in therapy, if you attend therapy. Revise whether you have a prosperous mentality and whether your relationship with nutrition can improve. Food and money have more in common than we believe. Trust has the same vibration as money. The dollar bill literally has that word printed on it, after all. And Taurus, when in its highest vibration, knows who to trust and has unwavering confidence in those they have decided to keep in their lives. There is some wisdom there if you’re willing to put in the hard work and be vulnerable. You’ll be rewarded for all the hard work you did during the retrograde once it’s over. When you make an effort to heal, the Universe listens.

Pluto retrograde between May 1st and June 11th brings the process of purge and change within. All Zodiac signs can benefit from this Pluto retrograde if they go from thinking about money, trust, and nutrition to thinking about their communities, how they can help those who may be marginalized, how they take from Mother Earth, and how they can give back, and their relationship with technology. Focus on what needs to end. Delete some apps, quit buying plastic bottles, and sacrifice the price of the to-go coffee to donate to a local charity. You will be rewarded.

Saturn starts its retrograde period in Pisces during the spring, but it won’t end until the fall. This retrograde invites us to ask ourselves “what do we owe to each other?” Journal about that question. Ponder about whether you’re truly being compassionate. Remember everyone is carrying burdens you may not even know about. Ask yourself what’s the purpose of art, and the purpose of dreaming. Make a point to visit the elderly in your family, as well as those who may be in mental facilities. If you can’t visit the latter, you can always phone the facility and consider sending them a letter or a care package. Keeping a dream journal during this retrograde is a great idea for all Zodiac signs.

With the general panorama all cleared up, we go on to the individual horoscopes. Remember to read for Sun, Moon, and rising. The horoscope for your rising sign will be the most accurate.             


Aries (March 21–April 19)

You start the Spring Equinox with a bang as the Sun enters your sign on March 20th and forms a harmonious aspect with Pluto in the 29th degree of Capricorn. You have learned some tough lessons about your career and your general mission in life. Perhaps some of you had to revise your social media use or your reputation in general. Now, you’re ready to take a leap of faith. Some of you are about to make some changes. The energy of the New Moon in your own sign of the 21st helps. I know it’s scary because it’s uncertain, but make that change of professional paths if that’s been on your mind lately. Everything will work out in your favor.

On the 28th, Mercury will be conjunct Jupiter in your own sign. This is a great date to schedule important conversations, interviews, and negotiations. You are very lucky to have a lucky break. This is also a great day to go on a first date or make some efforts at networking, even if it’s just reaching out to a few people on LinkedIn. Your lucky break may be hiding there somewhere. Some of you will receive amazing news, seemingly out of the blue. If you happen to be a writer, clear some hours in your calendar to write on this date. If you’re an artist, it’s a great day to put your work out there.

On April 6th, the Full Moon in Libra is the culmination of a process with a romantic partner or business associate. You’ll reap what you sowed. You know which seeds you planted, so you know whether this Full Moon will be positive or negative in your case. If you’re currently single and are currently outside business partnerships, this may apply to a friendship. You may also have an epiphany regarding romantic love and partnerships in general. Pay attention to your dreams around this date.

You will have another lucky break on April 11th when the Sun is conjunct Jupiter in Aries. You will be magnetic to all sorts of opportunities, especially if you’re authentic.

Be mindful of your finances during Mercury retrograde, which starts on April 21st. Check your bank account regularly and study the credit card summary. Make it a point not to make a big purchase until the retrograde is over on May 15th.

Need to manifest some money? The New Moon in Taurus is the perfect opportunity for that, as it’s taking place on your second house of money, value, and assets. There are some tips on how to manifest in the introduction of this forecast.

May holds a lot of promise. On May 20th, your ruler Mars enters Leo. This gives you a surge of vitality when it comes to casual dating and artistic projects. Independently of your gender and sexuality, some of you may meet a promising suitor who is assertive, a go-getter, and always doing something productive after this date. This is a great period to conceive as well if that’s what you’re looking for. 


Taurus (April 20–May 20)

The spring starts off with a bit of a surprise for you, dear bull. On March 23rd, Pluto enters your tenth house of career and reputation. Get ready for some necessary endings. Perhaps if you take the leap a few days before, the energy will feel less harsh if you do. Otherwise, know that the professional relationships that are coming to a close are making space for better contacts. The same applies to jobs and roles that are coming to an end. I know a lot of you struggle with change and uncertainty unless there’s an Aquarius Moon in there as well. Trust that the Universe is working for you, not against you. Sometimes, you need to make space for better things.

Between March 30th and March 31st, Venus, your ruler, will be conjunct Uranus. Uranus is truly unpredictable, so some of you will receive bad news, some good news, and some will experience a turning point. You can use this day to connect to the wisdom of sudden change and revolutionary thought through the arts. If you’re an artist of any kind, even if you just make art as a hobby, make some time to create something by the end of March.

We have discussed your career a lot, and I know that’s important to you, dear Taurus, but there is also some promising news in your love life. On April 5th, the Full Moon in Scorpio will bring about the climax of all your inner work regarding your love life. You may meet a soulmate on or around this date, or you and your sweetie will decide to take the next step. It’s also a great day to come together with a business partner.

On April 9th, you will be invited to become more authentic. Let your weirder side see the light, it’ll make you more magnetic, as the Sun will be conjunct Uranus on this date. Some of you will receive positive but surprising news on or around this date. On the 7th, Venus, your ruler, will leave your house of finances. Money will still flow, but you may have to hustle a bit harder. However, it enters your third house of neighbors and your neighborhood and communication. If you’re looking for love, this is a great time to create a profile on an online dating site, flirt, make some conversation with the people around you, and start frequenting some local bars. After this date, you will feel more emotional and moody. Make it a point not to take things too personally, especially what others say to you. 

Pluto retrograde, which starts on May 1st, is an invitation to go within and reflect on your career and how technology plays a role in it. Do you have limiting beliefs about technology that are holding you back in your career? Perhaps it’s time to let them go. Are you allergic to technology and should be truer to yourself and prioritize having a job that’s about being here and now? Is your job or company creating opportunities for marginalized members of the community? Are you extending a hand to Queer youths, people of color, the elderly, or the disabled? Is your career helping people in some way? Wouldn’t it be more fulfilling if you chose a career path in which you felt you are making a difference? These are some tough questions to ask yourself, but you will be rewarded when the retrograde ends on June 11th if you apply your characteristic persistence to this inner work.

June 2nd, with Venus, your ruler, forming a trine with Neptune, is a great time to make art. You will get a glimpse of something magical and mystical. You may also go on a great date with your current significant other. On June 5th, Venus, your ruler, enters Leo. You go from emotional and moody to charismatic and a bit self-absorbed. This is a great time to put yourself out there in general. On this date, Venus will also be opposite Pluto in your house of career. You may feel stressed around this time, or you may get gently called out at your job for not making enough space for others. Use the patience that characterizes you and patiently listen. It’s an opportunity for growth.


Gemini (May 21–June 21)

On March 25th, Mars enters Cancer in your second house of money and assets. You will feel vital and ready to be proactive when it comes to your finances. A person with masculine energy may offer you a job opportunity as well, whether it’s a full-time position or an opportunity for you to do freelance work, it can be a great opportunity for you.

Your ruler, Mercury, has been transiting active, assertive, but easily angered Aries lately. That’s probably been your general mood. On the 3rd, it enters Taurus. You will become slower in your approach to life and find a reserve of patience you forgot you had. On the same day, however, Mercury forms a square with Aquarius, so watch your tongue. You may say something hurtful without meaning to.

The Full Moon in Libra on April 6th offers a great opportunity for the arts and to meet someone new. Go on that first date or mingle at a party or event if you can. If you’re an artist, pick up that brush, camera, or get those fingertips on the keyboard.

On April 11th, Venus enters your sign and forms a trine with Pluto. You will be attractive during this transit. It’s a great time to switch up your looks if that’s been on your mind. Don’t be afraid to be disruptive on April 11th, you’ll be even more magnetic for it. On the other hand, on the 14th, because of a hard aspect between Venus and Saturn, you may be called to be kinder at work, or something will happen that will drive you to reflect on your own value and what you bring to the table.

After April 21st, you feel a bit confused and out of sorts. Mercury retrograde always hits you and Virgo the hardest. To survive it, make use of the reserve of patience that comes with it happening on the sign of Taurus. Think twice before speaking or acting. In your case, things may be kept from you or you may not have all the information you need about an important matter, so keep that in mind before signing contracts or doing anything else that’s significant. The truth will come out after Mercury goes direct on May 15th. The best way for you to take advantage of the retrograde is to spend time alone, read poetry, or listen to music. Rest and recharge whenever possible. Keep a dream journal and try to delve into your subconscious mind.

May starts off with a tense aspect between Venus in your own sign and Neptune. Beware of illusions. Things may not be what they seem, especially in your career. On May 7th, get ready for the money to really start flowing. Venus will transit your second house of money and assets. It will come to you almost without any effort on your part.

On the 21st, your season starts off with a bang. The Sun will be trine Pluto. Do your shadow work and stay authentic in preparation. You will be rewarded for being your true self. On the 28th, a tense aspect between the Sun in your sign and Saturn is another reminder to remain compassionate and kind in the workplace and social media. Check your reputation. You don’t want people to associate you with your cruel words.

On June 4th, the Full Moon in Sagittarius can be a great opportunity to revise your beliefs in romantic love. You may be rewarded and meet someone great if you have been doing the inner work. The New Moon in your own sign on June 18th is a great opportunity to manifest a new start in general.      


Cancer (June 22–July 22)

The Spring Equinox for you will be a great time for both your career and your love life. The Sun in Aries in your tenth house of reputation and vocation will be forming a harmonious aspect with Pluto, transiting the final degree in your seven house of committed partnership. You have been forced (or, if you are wise, you chose to) let go of deeply ingrained beliefs about love and equal partnership these last few years. Perhaps you even suffered a major loss of a soulmate or special partner.

On the 21st, the New Moon in Aries is a great time to manifest a new path in your career or any career opportunities. You can also manifest a certain level of fame or notoriety.

This is finally ending once Pluto moves to Aquarius on March 23rd. However, the 20th and 21st offer a culmination of all the hard lessons you learned during these last few years in a golden moment. This will likely manifest in your career. What you learn in a committed partnership and one-on-one relationships can easily be applied to the workplace. Perhaps you will have an epiphany about this or you will even be rewarded for all your hard work.

On the 25th, Mars enters your own sign. You will be full of energy and vitality and whatever you decide to start after this date will be something that deeply motivates and energizes you. On the 28th, Mercury, currently transiting your tenth house of career, will be conjunct Jupiter. This is a stellar date to have a key conversation, negotiation, or interview, as you could have a lucky break.

April is marked in your case by the Full Moon in Libra on the 6th and the second New Moon in Aries of the year on the 20th. The Full Moon in Libra will bring about a climax when it comes to your home life and your inner world. You may have an epiphany when it comes to the way you deal with your emotions. As the crab is extremely lunar, in the first half of April you will be focused on one-on-one relationships with no existing hierarchy, whether it be with romantic partners, friends outside of friendship groups, or business partners. You may decide to process all of this within and think about the ways you interact with your peers and how it can improve, as well as what you are already doing well. The New Moon in Aries of the 20th is yet another opportunity to manifest anything you want in your career. It also sets the tone for the second half of April, which will be more about being assertive, going after what you want, working on your individual self, and working on self-discipline and motivation.

On May 7th, Venus enters your own sign. You will become magnetic to both potential romantic partners and business opportunities. Use it to your advantage and put yourself out there, even though I know you’d much rather be at home. Venus transits to your own sign only happen once a year, after all. On the 13th, those of you who are researchers, looking to publish a book, literary piece, journalistic article, or academic paper may strike some luck. You may also meet a great teacher or mentor on or around this date, or finally get that visa you’ve been working so hard for. If you’ve been planning a trip abroad, this will be a happy date in which perhaps you will finally get that plane ticket or book your accommodation. You may also get some attention career-wise from people who live abroad. On May 20th, Mars enters your second house of finances. Every action and effort you decide to direct there will immediately give you dividends. You will be naturally motivated towards improving your finances and have a lot of vitality in that area of life, just be cautious so your temper doesn’t get the best of you.   


Leo (July 23–August 22)

The spring starts off for you with a lot of movement in your love life and a jaw-dropping surprise in your career.

On the 23rd, Pluto starts transiting Aquarius in your 7th house of committed partnership. During the next few years, you will be invited to let go of some beliefs you have about romantic love and what it means to have one-on-one interpersonal relationships where there is no hierarchy. Unfortunately, Pluto also brings endings. It doesn’t mean you’ll lose a partner right now, or even at all, as the transit is long. And strong relationships can survive even a Pluto transit. However, for those of you in stagnant relationships and situationships that don’t go anywhere… Prepare to say goodbye. Make space for someone who makes you feel valued. It’s what you deserve and you know it.

Venus in your tenth house of career and public reputation will be conjunct Uranus on the last two days of March. This means you may gain some notoriety or a surprise promotion or bonus, or even a surprising offer for a new job. Though, as Uranus is involved, some of you are in for a nasty surprise. If that’s the case, go back to your own inner confidence and knowledge of your own value and, as Taylor Swift would say, shake it off. There is a lesson there somewhere.

Mercury and the Sun enter your tenth house of career on the 3rd and 20th, respectively. This will attract attention to your public persona and career. Use it to your advantage. On the 3rd, however, Mercury will also form a square with Pluto, so watch your words. You don’t want to say something that affects your reputation. Venus in your house of friendship forms a trine with Pluto in your house of committed partnership on the 11th. This is perhaps a day for a friend to introduce you to someone special, or for a friendship to turn into something else. If you volunteer or are involved in activism, you may meet your next love interest there around that date.

May starts with Pluto going retrograde. The retrograde ends on June 11th. The way for you specifically to take advantage of it is to focus your shadow work on romantic love and what you believe a partner should provide. On May 9th, there is an echo of surprising things happening in your career. Mars will enter your sign on the 20th, giving you strength, energy, and willpower. Everything you start after this date has a great success rate, especially process that have a marked beginning and end. Good luck with finding love through friends, volunteering, or activism is once again a possibility on the 21st. However, on this date, there is also tension between Mars in your own sign and Pluto. Oppositions can invite you to grow, so, if you’re looking for a partner with a strong growth mentality, perhaps this will happen for you anyway. Do check your anger doesn’t get the best of you with a promising suitor or your current partner, though.

On June 4th, the Full Moon in Sagittarius is an excellent day to create art or express yourself. It’s also a great day to attempt conception, if that’s what you want. A situationship or casual relationship you have may come to an end or naturally evolve to its next stage, which could be friendship or even a serious relationship. On or around this date, you may meet a potential suitor as well. This is enhanced by the entry of Venus on the 5th to your own sign, which will make you even more magnetic and attractive than usual. On the same day, though, it also opposes Pluto. You may have to reach a compromise with a current partner or have a realization of a new non-negotiable if you’re dating around. This is so because it’s a tension between your individuality and sense of self and the need of sacrifice that comes with a committed partnership. All of this can apply to a business partner or significant friend, too.

Finally, on June 11th, Venus in your own sign forms a square with Jupiter. Your desire to expand may be excessive. Another alternative is that your magnetism could generate envy, or that you may make the wrong impression on someone. You know you can bounce back from any of these scenarios, though, dear lioness.


Virgo (August 23–September 22)

The spring definitely starts off with transformation as the key word for you, Virgo. This is so because the Sun entering Aries and forming a sextile with Pluto in the last degree of your fifth house of creativity, fun, love, and children, as well as the New Moon of the 21st, all happen in your eighth house of transformative processes, shared assets, therapy, the shadow self, and sex. Embrace the transformation, and you will emerge more powerful and wiser, even if it forces you to look at traits about you you may not like as much.

On April 6th, the Full Moon in Libra may manifest as an epiphany about your finances or an investment bearing fruits. Not all investments are about money. If you have been patiently growing something you value, expect to see it bear fruit on or around this date. After April 11th, when Venus enters your tenth house of career and reputation, expect a lot of positive moment in that area of life. As it enters, it forms a trine with Pluto in your sixth house of daily work tasks, efficiency, and health. As a Virgo, this is something you naturally excel at. Venus rules over money, so it seems that some of you will be offered a promotion, raise, or bonus for your efficiency. The 14th may be a bit more of a challenge, as Venus will be forming a tense aspect with Saturn, currently transiting your house of committed partnership. Perhaps your partner will make some demands as to the time you’re spending on work, if it’s excessive. You may also have an argument with a business partner. Take it as an opportunity for growth and remain patient. Virgos need to be told this more often: if you have to put yourself first, do it. It isn’t always about the other person. You’ll find a kind way of setting that boundary if that’s what the situation calls for. You always do.

The less positive news is that Mercury goes retrograde from April 21st to May 15th. Virgo always suffers a lot when Mercury goes retrograde. In this case, take special cautions if you travel abroad. Expect delays and check and triple check you don’t forget or misplace important objects somewhere.

On May 13th, there is positive movement in your love life, both if you’re single or partnered up. Venus, currently located in your eleventh house of friendship, activism, volunteering, and community, forms a harmonious aspect with Saturn in your seventh house of committed partnership. If you’re single, you may meet someone through friends or a community you serve. If you’re partnered up, expect a fun day with your partner and friends you have in common, or the recognition for what you do as a pair for the community. Some of you may get married in or around this date, especially those of you who value friends as a couple.

There’s more positive attention in your career and public persona on May 21st once the Sun enters this house and forms a trine with Pluto once again. It seems you’re finally getting the recognition you deserve for the efficient systems you create, your impeccable habits, and the fact that you serve your body so that your body can serve your work.

On June 11th, Mercury enters your house of career. Plan to post some content on LinkedIn or wherever you advertise your services or sell yourself as an employee. Try to network after June 11th, and be watchful of what you post on social media. But it all looks like it will be a stellar time to put yourself out there. June 18th is a great time to manifest a new beginning in your career with the New Moon in Gemini.  


Libra (September 23–October 23)

The spring equinox brings refreshing energies for you regarding love. The Sun enters your seventh house of committed partnership on March 20th and forms a harmonious aspect with Saturn in your fourth house of home and your inner emotional world. You may move in with a partner, meet someone through a roommate, or even confess your love for someone (or receive said confession). If there’s no one on the horizon, though, the first New Moon in Aries of the year takes place the day after, March 21st, is a great day to manifest meeting your soulmate.

Things may get tricky in love after the 23rd, since Pluto is entering your fifth house of love, fun, and creativity. However, Pluto does reward shadow work. Look at the ugliest side of yourself and make peace with it, and the transit shouldn’t affect you too much. A situationship or some other casual relationship may end on or around this date, sadly. You’ll know it’s your case if you no longer feel the energy flowing there.

Your career will get some positive activation on the 25th, when Mars enters your tenth house of career and reputation. You’ll get a surge of motivation to work on both your career and your public persona. As a Libra, you’re probably already a master of doing PR on yourself. Imagine what will happen if you direct a lot of your efforts there. You’ll become unstoppable!

The 28th may also bring positive news from a suitor, as Mercury will be conjunct Jupiter in your seventh house of committed partnership. Jupiter is the planet of good luck and expansion, and Mercury is the planet of communication. So, if you’ve been waiting to hear from someone special, that’s a date to circle on your calendar.

April starts with a reset button of sorts being pressed. The Full Moon in Libra of April 6th will perhaps exhaust you. Honor your body’s request to rest. Your subconscious mind is processing what you’ve been through in the last six months. You’ll emerge from it feeling renewed.

April 11th is a stellar date for love when it comes to people with strong Libra placements. The Sun will be conjunct Jupiter, once again, the planet of good luck, on your seventh house of committed partnership. This is a lucky date for meeting new people, or perhaps your partner will decide to take the next step with you.

On May 5th, the Full Moon in Scorpio falls on your second house of money, assets, and value. Expect an epiphany about the way you handle money. If you have been cultivating ways to make money and putting effort on some sort of side gig, expect it to bear fruit on or around this date. This energy becomes even more powerful as Venus enters your tenth house of career on the 7th. If you’re looking for a new job or new clients, this is the time to network, send resumes and go on interviews. You will be magnetic and charming with everyone you interact with. As a Libra, you always are, but this will be even more enhanced.

On May 13th, Venus in your house of career will form a harmonious aspect with Saturn, currently in your sixth house of health, routine, and daily activities. I feel this is another great day to receive a job offer or continue putting yourself out there, as the job or client you attract around this date could come with a perk related to work-life balance or an opportunity to work with a great boss or colleagues who will help you learn and grow.

On May 21st, Mars in your seventh house of committed partnership will oppose Pluto in your fifth house of the more fun side of love. An argument is likely to happen around this date. It’s nothing you can’t resolve, though. After all, there is no Libra that isn’t an expert on conflict resolution.

June brings some more exciting news in both your love life and career. On June 2nd, there’s a positive aspect between Venus in your house of career and Neptune in your house of health and habits. You may be rewarded at work for your ability to be a team player. On June 5th, Venus in your house of friendship and community opposes Pluto in your fifth house of romance. Oppositions can bring someone exciting who pushes you to grow. Perhaps this person will be introduced by a friend or a friendship may turn into something more. On the other hand, this could manifest as tension, so be careful. On June 11th, Mercury forms a positive aspect with Pluto, transiting one of the houses that have to do with your love life. You may receive some exciting news from a suitor on or around this date. 


Scorpio (October 24–November 21)

Shortly after the Spring Equinox, your ruler, Pluto, moves to the sign of Aquarius in your fourth house of home and your inner emotional world. The focus will now be here for the next few years moving forward. A few of you will face an unexpected move. It may feel like it isn’t the best thing at the time, but trust that it is. Scorpions as a collective will become naturally more focused on friendship and building community for the next few years.

The end of March brings some movement in your love life. Ever since Saturn entered Pisces on March 7th, you may have found it hard to get asked out or set up dates with exciting people. If you’re partnered up, perhaps all you and your partner seem to do revolves around work, the kids, and the household chores, and there is no time for fun.

This Spring Equinox brings in some positive change in that sense. Mars will be forming a harmonious aspect with Saturn, currently transiting your fifth house of romance between March 28th and March 31st. If you’re single, you may meet someone attractive who’s assertive and has a direct communication style. If you are partnered up, you and your partner will experience a surge in motivation to finally have fun together. This is only made more powerful by the influence of Venus conjunct Taurus in your house of partnership. Expect a pleasant surprise.

Love is the April’s main theme, for both single and coupled-up scorpions. On the one hand, on the 14th, there is a tense aspect between Venus in your house of transformation and sex and Saturn in your house of romance. There may be a conflict of shared values with your partner. On the other hand, Mercury retrograde, which starts off on April 21st, will affect your house of partnership, so beware of misunderstandings and hurt feelings in the realm of love. It’ll all be over on May 15th. For Scorpio in particular, the advice to stay in the relationship status that you are in until the retrograde is over applies. Don’t panic if there’s change, though. It is reversible if both parties are willing to have a dialogue about it.

May starts off with your ruling planet, Pluto, going retrograde until June 11th. This may bring about exhaustion and/or a need for solitude and introspection. Honor the need for solitude and rest. On May 5th, the Full Moon in your own sign may also demand rest.

May 9th may bring about something unexpected in your love life, as the Sun will be conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Whether it’s positive or negative, or simply a turning point, is hard to say. The New Moon in Taurus of the 19th is the prime opportunity for you to manifest a new partner, or a new chapter in your existing relationship. The 13th is a great day to circle on your calendar to meet new people in general, including potential love interests. Venus is currently enhancing your brains. People walk away from meeting you thinking you’re very smart indeed. On the 13th, it forms a trine with Saturn in your fifth house of romance and fun.

The 20th brings a surge of vitality and some much needed movement in your career as Mars enters Leo in your tenth house of career and reputation. The 23rd is a trickier date regarding your career, though, as Mars will form a tense aspect with Jupiter. Watch your temper.

June will be a prosperous month for the scorpions. The Full Moon in Sagittarius of June 4th will drive you to see the fruits of your hard work. You’ll also become more attractive to potential employers and clients when Venus starts its yearly transit through your tenth house of career on June 5th. The 11th brings an opportunity for self-transformation. If you’re looking to move, this is a great day to look at potential places to live.  


Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

I am not going to lie, Sagittarius, the day of the Spring Equinox itself seems like a ton of fun for you. In addition to that, there’s a potential to earn some extra money you weren’t anticipating. This is so because the Sun in Aries in your fifth house of fun and romance will be forming a harmonious aspect with Pluto, transiting the final degree of your second house of finances. These last few years, you have learned some tough lessons about money and potentially suffered a financial loss. You’re now being rewarded by all the lessons you learned. On or around this date, you may find a partner who really values everything you bring to the table. A few of you will monetize your hobbies or finally decide to take that leap of faith and do what you really love for a living.

The New Moon of the 21st is a great date to conceive is that’s what you’re after. It’s also a great day to manifest new love, or to start out that artistic project that has been on your mind for ages. On the 28th, you may receive some positive unexpected news regarding your love life. Perhaps your manifestation worked wonders.

On April 12th, the opportunities for finding a partner or having a more harmonious relationship with your current one increase as Venus enters your seventh house of committed partnership. You may meet someone who is very seductive, creative, and artistic around this date. As the entrance of Venus comes with a trine with Pluto, I encourage you to socialize with your neighbors, perhaps at a local bar. It’s also a great idea to have your sibling, cousin, or childhood friend set you up with someone exciting. April the 14th is a bit of a trickier date regarding love. Because of a tense aspect between Saturn and Venus, you may have a hard time regulating your emotions around a potential or current partner.

May brings about more positive energy regarding your love life as the Sun enters your house of committed partnership, once again with a harmonious aspect with Pluto. Maybe consider someone who isn’t usually your type. I know you like optimistic people, but someone with a dash of healthy darkness can be just what you need.

June is a month for new beginnings. The Full Moon in your own sign on April 4th means your body will ask you to rest as you process your life for the last few months. On the other hand, the New Moon in Gemini on June 18th is one of the best times of the year for you to manifest a new partner.


Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

The Spring Equinox brings a lot of relief and lightness for the goat. Pluto has been transiting their Zodiac sign since 2008. Life has been tough. There have been losses and too many transformations to count. It finally ends its transit on March 23rd. Before that, there is a sweet aspect between the Sun in Aries in the house of home and emotions and Pluto in the final degree of your own Zodiac sign. After all this pain and trauma, you have learned to become your own home, and there will be an outward manifestation of this. A few of you may be buying houses on or around this date.

The New Moon in Aries on March 21st is a great opportunity to manifest the money for your own home or better living conditions, as well as emotional stability. After all you’ve been through, I wouldn’t pass up this opportunity.

Your love life starts to pick up after March 25th, when Mars enters your seventh house of committed partnership. If you’re in a committed relationship, your resolve to stay together may get stronger. If you’re single and looking, you may meet someone decisive, assertive, and proactive on or around this date. The end of March brings about a surprise, as Venus will be conjunct Uranus in your house of fun and romance. You never know what to expect with Uranus, the surprise could be positive or negative.

April starts with a moment of clarity regarding your career, as the Full Moon in Libra on April 6th culminates a process of around six months around improvements you may have made on your career and reputation. As Capricorn has an impeccable work ethic, I imagine you can expect great news after this Full Moon.

This is closely followed by another surprise in your love life on May 9th. This time, it’s the Sun interacting with Uranus in your fifth house of romance. This is also a great date to make art.

Your love life starts to look up as Venus enters your house of committed partnership on May 7th. In June, the magnetism you experienced in your love life while Venus was transiting your seventh house wanes once it moves away to Leo on June 20th, so play your cards accordingly before that date. On the 13th, Venus, still in your house of committed partnership, interacts harmoniously with your ruler, Saturn, currently transiting your third house of communication. Put yourself out there, frequent local bars, have conversations with people, flirt. Something could come out of that. On May 13th, a similar energy to that of the Venus-Saturn aspect is taking place as well, this time facilitated by a harmonious interaction between Mars and Neptune. Your actions come off as kind and compassionate without you even having to try. 

The New Moon in Taurus on May 19th is a great time to manifest a new love interest, as well as a great time to conceive and start a work of art. It’s also a great time to pick up a new hobby, as a Capricorn, you probably need one of those.

There is stellar energy on June 2nd as Venus forms a harmonious aspect with Neptune. Around this time, you may meet someone spiritual, kind and compassionate that captures your interest. June holds another surprise in your love life, as Mercury will be conjunct Uranus in Taurus on June 4th.   

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

The big event for the water bearer happens a couple of days after the Equinox when Pluto, a slow-moving planet, enters their Zodiac sign on the 23rd. The good news is that you all love change – the more dramatic, the better. You are also detached enough to let endings have their place. Pluto is all about doing away with what’s stagnant to make space for better things, and that’s an energy you’re about to experience intimately for the next few years.

April 3rd starts off with a bit of a tense note because of a tense aspect between Mercury in your sixth house of health and the workplace and Pluto in your own house. Communication may go awry with your boss or coworker. Not expressing yourself enough can also lead to burnout or a physical illness (nothing to worry about, though). Make sure to express what you feel and think when it counts, and to do so in an efficient way. The same theme is repeated on April 20th.

On April 11th, your love life gets more fun and exciting once Venus enters Gemini in your fifth house of fun and romance. It forms a trine with Pluto in your own Zodiac sign. On this date, you may meet a partner that’s outside your usual type and inspires you to change and grow, or you may make things official with this person.

Pluto starts its retrograde motion on May 1st, which will continue until June 11th. This brings the process of change and making space for the new within. The best thing you can do during this retrograde period is reflect upon such matters. At the level of your identity, you may go through a symbolic death and be reborn. This retrograde is the time to reflect on the aspects of your identity you want to change.

The Full Moon in Scorpio of May 5th will bring about some sort of achievement in your career. You’ve worked hard for this and you deserve it. On May 20th, Mars enters your seventh house of committed partnership, making it another great date to meet a potential partner. On the 21st, though Mars opposes Pluto. Perhaps something in your current relationship will push you to change and grow in unexpected ways. But said change will require action from you.

June is a very promising month for love for Aquarius. On the 5th, Venus enters your house of committed partnership. This makes you especially magnetic to potential suitors. However, on the same date, it will oppose Pluto. Be prepared to change your current patterns if you want your relationship to work. If you’re still single, June holds out hope for you. The New Moon in Gemini of June 18th is a great date to manifest a new partner.


Pisces (February 19–March 20)

The Spring Equinox brings a lot of wealth your way, dear Pisces. The Sun enters your second house and forms a sextile with Pluto in the last degree of your eleventh house of friendship and community. You may have lost a lot of friends, but you learned a lot along the way. Now, your friends will be the facilitators of a great professional opportunity. The New Moon in Aries of the following day is among the best days of 2023 to manifest that cash.

As Pluto will start its transit in your house of the subconscious mind on March 23rd, we strongly recommend you start keeping a dream journal before or on this date. Your dreams will give you clarity about what you need to let go of to manifest bigger and better things.

Your love life will start to get spicy by the end of March as Mars, in the first degree of your fifth house of fun and romance, forms a trine with Saturn, currently transiting your own sign. This aspect starts on the 29th and ends on the 31st. The key to finally meet your soulmate around this date is to be the most authentic version of yourself.

April is another stellar month to manifest wealth. The Sun will be conjunct Jupiter, the planet of good luck, on April 11th, so expect to make it rain, seemingly out of nowhere.

In May, there are promises for new love once Venus enters Cancer on your house of fun and romance on the 7th. You may meet someone who’s artsy and very pleasant to be around. Because of a series of aspects between planets in Gemini and placements in your own sign, there starts to be some tension between your own life and your sense of identity. This could also have to do with your roots and your family of origin. Take it as an opportunity to grow and reconcile with your roots. May 13th is a stellar date for love in which you will be very attractive because of your kindness, compassion, and creativity. On the 15th, you’ll also be magnetic because of these reasons, so put yourself out there.

June starts off with some harmonious aspects between Venus and Neptune in your own sign, so the magnetism you’re experiencing continues. On the 18th, the Sun, currently shining a light on your past, home, and roots, once again forms a tense aspect with Neptune in your own sign. Perhaps there are some lies you tell yourself about your past that you need to become conscious of. Take it as an opportunity to grow spiritually.    

Did this resonate? Share with a friend, and have a blessed Spring Equinox.

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