Winter Solstice 2022 and Winter 2023: Its Meaning & How Each Zodiac Sign will be Affected

Winter Solstice 2022 and Winter 2023: Its Meaning & How Each Zodiac Sign will be Affected

The Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere in 2022 will be characterized by both the passage of Jupiter to the sign of Aries on December 20th and the New Moon in Capricorn on December the 21st. Jupiter in Aries sets the tone for the whole year 2023. Everybody will benefit from a surge of vitality and motivation. Get moving to get what you want. The New Moon in Capricorn is a great time to manifest a new beginning regarding your career or your reputation.

The first half of the winter season for those of you in the northern hemisphere (and the summer for those of you in the southern hemisphere) will be marked by two retrogrades. One is Mars retrograde in Gemini, which started on October 30th 2022. This may have made some of you sluggish and easily tired out. Others may have had trouble expressing yourselves or may have been talking a bit too much for your own convenience. This tricky energy will be over on January 12th. On the other hand, Mercury will go retrograde in Sagittarius between December 29th and January 18th. Communication will get tricky. Some of you may come up too passionate or dogmatic. Try not to make any rash decisions during this period.

Some notable dates of the season include December 31st, 2022, and January 1st, 2023. There is also January 18th and 19th, as well as February 15th. New Year's Day and the celebrations around it will be marked by a conjunction between Venus and Pluto in Capricorn. The way work is valued by everyone may come into question, and some ideas and feelings around it will dissolve. On January 18th and 19th, there will be a conjunction between the Sun and Pluto in the same Zodiac sign. Some of the themes from the very beginning of the year will be repeated, perhaps now with more clarity. Finally, on February 15th, Venus and Neptune will be conjunct in Pisces. This is a day for fantasy and romance. Definitely a date for the artists among you to keep in mind. However, Neptune can create mirages, so do not get too swept up by the romance of the situation that come up around this day. 

What’s this Winter Solstice About?

The Winter Solstice has been a significant date for almost all cultures on the planet. In the northern hemisphere, it takes place on December 21st. This is so because it marks the shortest day of the year, as well as the longest night. The Sun is up for the least time on this date. It marks the end of the warm months and the start of the colder ones. The Sun is less available to us now, and we are invited to look into the darkness to find answers. 

The Spiritual Meaning

One thing all cultures have in common around the Winter Solstice is acknowledging the rise of darkness and trying to find in the darker months an opportunity to get clarity by going within. Germanic Pagans celebrate Yule around this season. Other celebrations include Punjabi Lohri and Roman Saturnalia.

How will this winter season be experienced by each sign, though? Here is a brief breakdown for each of the twelve Zodiac signs. It’s a good idea to read for Sun, Moon, and Rising.


Aries (March 21–April 19)

Aries will experience the first months of a very lucky year after December the 20th, when Jupiter enters this sign. Aries natives, as well as people with important Aries placements, will experience an expansion in their identity. Opportunities of all sorts will knock on your door. However, you will really see how plentiful they are and experience a boost in vitality after January the 12th, when Mars, the ruler of Aries, goes direct after a retrograde period that started on October 30th last year.

The Mercury retrograde of this winter, which will take place between December 28th until January 18th, will mostly affect your higher education, trips abroad (or travel plans), and any spaces where you look for intellectual and spiritual expansion. Try to remain silent when passion starts to get heated, you may say something you regret. If you are engaged in higher education or planning to renew your passport or go abroad, locate any important documents and keep them in a safe place for easy access. Some unexpected paperwork may come up, and you don't want to misplace them. If you are going abroad, don't take any unnecessary risks. I know it is easier said than done for you, Aries, but Mercury retrograde is not your friend in unknown or unfamiliar territory. Take care so as not to misplace any important items during your adventures as well.

You have been feeling kind of sluggish and lacking the motivation that is usually characteristic for you. This is due to the fact that your ruler, Mars, was retrograde since October 30th has affected you greatly, and you felt almost robbed of your energy. The idea was for you to go inwards and reflect before acting. But you have learnt the lesson now, and, after January 18th, doors will open for you when you decide to take action towards what you want.

In matters of the heart, watch out for the Full Moon in Leo on January 6th. This will bring about the end of a cycle when it comes to either a casual relationship, your overview of the dating scene in general if there is no one in the picture, or the more fun aspect of a committed relationship. The end can be a positive end of a chapter. If it is not so positive, don't fret – the energies around it are not particularly tense, either. This is a great day to try to conceive if this is something you want.  


Taurus (April 20–May 20)

If you have been waiting for some positive movement regarding your career, things will start to pick up once Venus enters your tenth house of career on January 22nd. This will make you attractive to potential clients and employers and attract some much needed earnings. Use this influence in your favor. It will remain there until February the 15th.

Before that, expect some turbulence. Venus will form a tense angle with Uranus in your own sign on January 14th and the 15th. This may bring you some opportunities to reflect on your own value in the workplace and whether you are truly advocating for yourself or you are self-sabotaging. Some of you will realize that perhaps you are not as valued as you should in your current place of work.

Whatever wisdom you gain by the middle of January, use it to your favor once Venus makes you attractive to employers and magnetic to money. Even after you are in a much better place career-wise, issues surrounding communication may come up. Take them as opportunities to learn how to effectively communicate what you bring into the table instead of being discouraged.


Gemini (May 21–June 21)

As always, things will start to pick up for Gemini once the retrograde period of Mercury that is due for this winter (it is happening between December 29th and January the 18th). Mercury rules over this Zodiac sign, so Gemini natives and people with important Gemini placements tend to have it the worst during Mercury retrograde. This retrograde is happening on your 8th house of transformation, the subconscious, therapy, sex, and taboo topics. Try not to engage sexually with any new partners, and slow down on communication with the ones you already have to avoid misunderstandings. Wait until the retrograde is over until you try out a new therapist and be patient with yourself until January the 18th.

Mars has been transiting your sign for a few months now. At first, you felt vital and ready to take on the world. However, Mars went retrograde on October 30th. Because of the current placement of Mars on your own sign, this retrograde has also been affecting you. Conversations around something important to you and negotiations may have been met with obstacles. You may have found yourself flying off the handle and oversharing or even saying hurtful words when taken to the edge. This is all over once Mars goes direct on October the 30th. Your own ruler, Mercury, will form some more harmonious aspects with Mars by the end of February. Your drive and your usual wit and capacity to communicate will finally be in sync again.

Those of you who need any sort of change in your careers can look forward to the New Moon in Pisces of February the 20th. Manifest a raise, change of jobs, or promotion. Manifest new clients who pay you what you are worth and are easy to work with.


Cancer (June 22–July 22)

The crabs are among the few who will see some incredible energy right off the bat this winter period. The New Moon in Capricorn due on December 21st is a great time to manifest a new partner or business associate, or a brand new chapter for your existing relationship. You will feel a lot of loving energy this winter solstice. On the 22nd, some of you will meet someone exciting through a friend, or a friendship may turn romantic.

However, take it easy! This wonderful energy is quickly followed by Mercury retrograde in your sixth house of health and the workplace between December 29th and January 18th. Double check everything with your doctors if you have an appointment scheduled. Nothing catastrophic will happen, but important paperwork may get lost. Take it easy with your colleagues and subordinates. You don't want to say something you later regret. During retrograde periods, it is generally advised that you don't make anything official with your beau, if something comes up by the end of December. Enjoy the romance or potential business partnership, but pump the breaks on making any permanent decisions till the end of January.

New Year's Eve and the New Year may bring about some tricky energy for you to deal with. This is so because on December 31st and January 1st, Venus will be conjunct Pluto in your seventh house of partnership. The wisest way to handle this energy is to go within and accept the necessary dissolutions of some beliefs you may have held about what you truly want and need from a partner.

Things will start to look better for you financially after the Full Moon in Leo in your 2nd house of money and personal assets. This will take place on February the 5th. This Full Moon marks the end of a steep learning curve the Universe may have thrown at you six months ago.    


Leo (July 23–August 22)

There seems to be a lot of movement, both positive and negative, regarding a committed relationship or a potential committed relationship. If everything is good and well with your current partner, or if you do not have a partner or a prospect of having one, this could translate into a relationship with some sort of associate that helps you navigate an aspect of life through a 1-to-1 relationship. It could also mean that the winter solstice will bring a period of learning from interacting with others one on one. Pay attention to interpersonal interactions, they will bring about some truths about yourself.

The retrograde period of Mercury between December 29th and January 18th will mainly affect casual relationships and self-expression. Don't rush to make things official and watch out for miscommunication if you want a casual relationship of yours to still be intact once more beneficial energies are available to you later on in the season.

Venus will start to transit your seventh house of committed partnership on January 2nd to the 26th. If you are ready to meet someone, put yourself out there. This is also a great time to renegotiate things within an existing relationship.


Virgo (August 23–September 22)

The winter months for Virgo will be about all sorts of love and relationships, but especially romantic love. The winter period will start off rocky but end in a much more harmonious way. Casual relationship and self-expression will be the main areas affected by the retrograde period of these winter months. Mercury will go retrograde from December 29th to January 18th.

Watch your words around a casual partner, or even a serious one, especially during times you carve out of your schedule to have fun together. You do not want to say something you later regret. Miscommunication may happen anyway, so arm yourself with patience. If a casual partner wants to go during the retrograde period, just let them go. There are better prospects on the horizon.

A particular tough spot for your love life will happen between December 31st and January 1st. Venus will be conjunct Pluto in your fifth house of fun, romance, casual relationships, and self-expression. Venus, the planet that rules how you value yourself and others, and Pluto, the planet that shows you the stagnant energy that needs to be destroyed and the topics generally considered taboo by society, will be acting as one. It is not all negative, though. An invaluable lesson can be gleaned from whatever happens to you around New Year's.

Things will look up for you in all areas of life after January the 18th. On January 26th, Venus enters your house of committed partnership. This will make you magnetic to prospective suitors or all sorts of people where valuable one-on-one relationships may emerge. 


Libra (September 23–October 23)

On December 20th, Jupiter, the planet of good luck and expansion, will enter your seventh house of one-on-one relationships, compromise and committed partnerships. This will start out a year-long trend of seeing great luck when partnered up. This not only applies to love, however, it will be a brilliant year for those of you looking to find their soulmate or trying to take an existing relationship to the next level.  Choose an associate for all your endeavors. This will guarantee not only your success, but also that you end up gaining a lot of insight about the situation at hand, your goals, and yourself. As people with important Libra placements, this is most likely something you already excel at. So find a business partner, accountability partner, study partner, or friend who is willing to commit to a healthier lifestyle with you, and you will have a successful 2023.

The winter months start out on a bit of a turbulent note, though. On December the 21st and 22nd, the Sun will form a square with Jupiter. This may translate as miscommunication or a wrong word said that later makes someone angry, or even one of your rare angry outbursts. Throughout January, unpleasant surprises may come up as well.

Things start by the end of February, when Mercury in your fifth house of romance and self-expression not only forms tense aspects with other planets, but also more harmonious ones. The New Moon in Aquarius of January the 21st is a great time to manifest a beginning for an artistic or creative endeavor, a new partner or lover, or a more fun stage for your existing romantic relationships. It also offers opportunities to conceive.


Scorpio (October 24–November 21)

This is a relatively quiet season for the scorpions, who probably need that anyway to process all the deep, transformative work they are always doing on themselves. December 31st and January 1st is a date to watch out for. It can be a lucky date for some of you, as your ruler, Pluto, will be conjunct Venus. Venus can make you magnetic to all sorts of opportunities and people, so use this date in your favor.

Scorpios looking to meet a new lover, have more fun, start out an artistic project, experience a surge in creativity, or do some inner child healing will have a better panorama after January the 26th, when Venus will enter Pisces in your fifth house and start spicing things up. The New Moon in Pisces that takes place on February 20th is a great time to manifest, especially in the areas previously mentioned.

A lot of you Scorpios have been feeling sluggish since the fall, when one of your rulers, Mars, went retrograde. The good news is that you will recuperate the vitality that seems to be missing after it goes direct on January 22nd.


Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Sagittarius will have a lucky year in love and romance – and will have a blast in general. This is so because Jupiter enters Aries in your fifth house of fun, romance, casual relationships, children, and self-expression. However, do not just jump into any relationship that comes your way, since Mercury is going retrograde between December 29th and January 18th. Do not pass up exciting opportunities either, but take it easy. Mercury retrograde may create confusing situations around your finances, so check all the cheques you sign and every payment you make, and prepare for unexpected expenses that could potentially come up.

There will be some action in your love life especially during the second half of January. You will start to see some action after Mars goes direct in your seventh house of committed partnership and relationships. During the last days of January and all throughout February, Mars in your 7th house will be forming some interesting aspects to both Venus and Mercury. The push-and-pull is ideal to create some sexual tension with an interesting suitor.  


Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

The winter starts off with a New Moon in your sign on December 21st. This is a great time to manifest a new chapter in your life in general, one where you finally gather the strength to finally leave behind situations that are no longer serving you.

Some clarity regarding some stagnant aspects of your identity or who you think you are will show up when Venus and Pluto form a conjunction in your Zodiac sign between December 31st and January 1st. Out with the old, in with the new. Perhaps you are still acting in accordance with some falsehood someone has once told you about yourself, and that is really holding you back. You will be able to see that clearly, though, in some cases, not without some pain attached. However, the insight you will gain is desperately needed. This theme will be repeated on January 18th and 19th, when the Sun forms the same conjunction.

Your love life, especially if you are dating casually or looking to have more fun with a committed partner, is definitely due to improve. Venus, the Sun, and Mercury will all form harmonious aspects with Uranus, the planet of surprises and sudden events, all throughout January.


Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

Jupiter enters your third house of communication, siblings, neighbors, and short trips on December the 20th. This means you will most likely find good luck and intellectual as well as spiritual expansion in these areas. This is a theme that will be repeated all throughout the year.

Mercury retrograde during these winter months, from December 29th to January 18th, will affect your friendships the most. This is upsetting to you, Aquarius. This is so because you value friendships over many other things in your life. Try to be patient and put your best foot forward if miscommunication does happen.

On January 21st, the New Moon in Aquarius is an opportunity for you to manifest a new chapter in your life. Give yourself permission to be more authentic and let go of limiting beliefs that don't make you happy. On February the 5th, the Full Moon in Leo is a great day to enjoy with a committed partner. If you do not have one, pay attention to the life lesson you learn around this date. It will help you out on your search for a new lover. 


Pisces (February 19–March 20)

These winter months start off with you as a money magnet. This is so because, on December the 20th, Jupiter, the planet of good luck and expansion, enters your second house of personal assets and finances. New clients and projects will fly in your direction. This is a great time to adjust your fees or ask for a much deserved raise.

Mercury retrograde, however, will be affecting your career from December 29th to January 18th. Use your compassion and practice remaining silent and thinking through what you are about to do to avoid misunderstandings in the workplace. With some caution, this can only be a tricky period of having to explain yourself a bit more than usual, but nothing more than that.

February will be the most active of the winter months for Pisces. On February 4th and 5th, Venus in your own sign will form a tense aspect with Mars in your fourth house of home. Your capacity to value yourself and others will be challenged by your home life. Positive things can emerge from a challenge, though. Observing how your home life interacts with your sense of value can help you glean some valuable insight. On February 15th, Venus will be conjunct Neptune in your own Zodiac sign. You are one for romance and fantasy, and, if you have an artistic outlet, that may be a great way to channel this tendency of yours. However, do not let the enjoyment of a fantasy get you too carried away. Remember to be sensible about whatever comes up and wait before deciding anything permanent.

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