4 Inspirational Black Podcasts That Need to be Heard

4 Inspirational Black Podcasts That Need to be Heard

Thanks to portable technology, podcasts are even more accessible at any time and place. This has also allowed them to be a lot more inclusive with a myriad of topics, themes, and views. In recent times, podcasts that appeal to the black community and culture as well as other minorities have been growing in popularity. These 4 podcasts create a safe space for people of color to learn about and discuss various issues that affect them on a daily basis.


Code Switch (from NPR)

Code Switch pushes boundaries by being as real as one can get. It’s led by journalists of color who fearlessly explore how race affects various parts of society, from food to culture, politics, and everyday living. The conversations are inclusive and empathic with a dash of humor and profound thought and expression.  The topics discussed are relatable and true to life for many people of colour across black and Latino communities. If you’re a person of color looking for a safe space to learn about and discuss real issues, or someone who wants to expand their understanding of the issues faced by minorities, Code Switch is highly recommended.



1619 delves into deep historical facts and topics that are eye-opening and heart-wrenching at times. It was inspired by the story of the arrival of a ship carrying enslaved Africans to the English colony of Virginia in August, 1619, before America became America. The podcast takes listeners on a journey, tracing the history of the black community and the struggles faced from the days of slavery to the present day.


Therapy for Black Girls

It’s not uncommon for women in black communities to feel underrepresented with a lack of relatable resources and guidance that can actually be applied to their lives. Therapy for Black Girls is an empowering podcast that aims to inspire women of color to pursue their fullest potential. It sheds light on mental health, personal development, and wellness to name a few. Hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist and a woman of color, she brings awareness to the importance of mental health for black women in an inviting and supportive tone.


Black Women Travel

The Black Women Travel Podcast shares stories from a community of black women who dreamed to make travel a priority in their lives. Through this medium, the average black woman can learn how to meet their travel goals in the current economy. It also shares the experiences of black women who travel and the various issues they face and encounter along the way. Whether you’re interested in seeing the world for education, working as a digital nomad, or simply pursuing a bucket list, this podcast can help make it happen.  

Podcasts have opened up a new niche for the black community to reach out and support each other as well as educate those who want to understand more. Relatable voices, information, and experiences are now more accessible than ever and continue to inspire both young and old.

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