5 tips to designing a better bedtime routine

5 tips to designing a better bedtime routine

Kill the electronics

Resist that urge to check your email one last time or that quick peek at Facebook or Instagram. Even reading the news on your device before bedtime is a no-no. Blue light emitted from cell phones and tablet have been known to negatively impact a restful night’s sleep—not to mention getting your mind turning with the latest Facebook gossip and current news events is not a good way to power down.

Brain Dump your tomorrow

It’s very simple. Grab a pen and paper. Jot down everything that’s keeping you awake. That 9am meeting, picking up dry cleaning, dropping the do at the groomer, picking the kids up from soccer, are you going to get that gym membership, are those shoes still on sale and of course what’s for dinner? All of these seem to creep in right before sleep—am I right?! So why not make a list of to-do’s for tomorrow and pros and cons of that gym membership (can you work out at home or do you need the extra motivation)? Write it all down and look at it in the morning. Sleepy time is not the time for mental notes.

Choose your late night musings mindfully

Eating a heavy meal or downing a Red Bull may not be the best idea right before bed. Likewise neither is intense cardio. If you must have a snack before bedtime keep it light and leave the workout to yoga or gentle stretching.

Start a skin care ritual

Or anything that signals it’s time for rest. For us it’s removing makeup, cleansing, toning, applying a serum, moisturizing and on some nights masking. Taking care of your skin is essential and can soothe over the days’ stress. We suggest slathering on a multitasking, brightening, hydrating serum like Salt x Hendrix Stardust Tonic Flame Tree Serum for a dewy glow in the morning.

Create an environment for sleep

This means quiet. Unless that doesn’t work for you then a bit of white noise can help. Dark and cool are also great sleep motivators. Try to keep the thermostat below 72 degrees and use light blocking curtains if necessary. Upgrade your bed linens too— who can fall asleep on scratchy ill fitting sheets?! Our favorite affordable breathable sheets are here and don't forget a comfy pillow like this botanically scented one to help you ease into sleep. 

    Happy Slumbers!

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