Featured Brands: KNOURS.

Featured Brands: KNOURS.

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Innovation and tech are everywhere in skin care from smart cleansing devices to LED lights and apps-- your basic routine is definitely getting an upgrade. K-beauty is no exception to this rule always on the cutting edge with ingredients and formulations; in steps new to the scene Knours. a brand that checks all the boxes. With a novel concept of syncing your skin care routine to your cycle Knours. has introduced an app and a range of products to help you get perfect skin 365. We talked to Jeana Chung, VP of marketing for Knours., for the low down on how this brand is changing the game. 

Tell us a little bit about Knours. – how did it start and when? What was the goal of the brand when it first started?

The idea for Knours. started in 2017 with the idea to empower women with clean and effective beauty products that work with them and not against them. The full line was launched Feb of 2018. The goal of Knours. is to address a void in the marketplace by addressing hormonal issues (due to age, the time of the month, etc) and the very real affects that have on your skin. Knours. formulates totally clean with no known hormone disruptors to be respectful of a woman's body.

We love the phrase “Know your skin. Know your body.” and that your name (Knours.) is a portmanteau based on the phrase Know Your Skin. Tell us a little bit about how “Know your skin. Know your body.” fits with the concept of the Knours. line?

"We empower you to learn about your body and hormones so that you can truly understand your skin and its underlying conditions.”

If someone is new to your line, what products do you recommend they start with?

Your only cleanser for the perfect clean, the double duty mist to solve dry and sensitive skin care issues in one genius product, the one perfect cream for deep moisture and hydration, the gel cream to cool and soothe, the mask to heal, the wipes for an easy clean, the v-zone soap for your body's sensitive areas, the d-5 facial soap for skin that is freaking out. Everything!

What’s one problem you set out to solve with your products? (Any specific skin concerns you were looking to solve?)

Hormonal skin concerns . I didn't have acne until my late 20's. It's not just a teenage thing. As we age, your changing hormones can wreak havoc on your skin and Knours. seeks to mitigate the affects of your constantly changing hormones.

Knours. has an app—that’s exciting for a skin care line! Can you tell us a bit more about that?

The app helps you personalize your Knours. skincare regimen. U-Kno is our whimsical friend aka push notification that keeps you up to date on your monthly cycle and provides reminders on what to use on your skin during different moments of the month. It is meant to be a period/skin tracker. It is being updated as we speak as we at Knours. strive to give you the best in all our products.

Your line seems to be devoted to approaching skin care holistically. What rituals do you incorporate into your own life to be balanced and well?

“We strive to eat right and exercise. We are also a small team so we like to work hard but also bond over coffee.”

What makes your brand stand out from other brands?

We are the only brand addressing women's hormonal concerns and the very real affect they have on a woman's skin. We are also trying to create a Knours. community by providing a safe place for women to talk about it. We also are committed to being a clean brand and went through the rigorous standards of the EWG to become verified as it was really important for us to showcase how serious we are about being clean and good for you.

What’s coming up in the next year from Knours.?

Innovative new products - look for a new sheet mask, eye cream, essences, etc. Knours. is constantly iterating with the best, most effective clean products.

Finally, what’s one thing you’d like to tell people about Knours. they might not realize?

Knours. has a small but committed team and each product is created with a lot of thought and care. We would love to hear from you on what you would like to see next so please feel free to contact us!


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