Spring 2022 Equinox Meaning and How Each Zodiac Sign Will Be Affected

Spring 2022 Equinox Meaning and How Each Zodiac Sign Will Be Affected

With long, wintery nights behind us, the collective can finally break out of their hibernation, reinvent themselves, and make moves on their most ambitious goals. This clean slate is heralded in by the passage of spring, also known as the vernal or spring equinox. Just like the flowers bloom in the fields, this change of pace offers the opportunity to take action and breathe life into new projects, relationships, and connections. Spring’s lively shift is an invitation to take the intentions we’ve created during the winter solstice and put them into motion, so knowing how it impacts your zodiac sign is a must.

What is the Spring Equinox?

In the simplest terms, the spring equinox is the transition into the spring season. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, when the sun moves north over the equator line, it spearheads the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere. For those living in this part of the globe, the first day of spring arrives on Mar. 20, 2022 at 11:33 A.M EDT and moves into the cardinal Fire sign, Aries. Contrary to the winter solstice, where we face longer, cooler nights, the spring equinox brings us longer days.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Spring

Equinox Spiritually, the the spring equinox, also called the vernal equinox — which quite literally means “new,” ushers in a fresh start. It’s a chance for the collective to take the plans they’ve made and intentions they’ve designed and take actionable measures to reach their goals. Since the sun is in the cardinal sign of Aries, expect the energy to be all about passion, quick-witted impulses, and taking charge in all areas of your life. This transition invites you to burn bridges and open yourself to new and novel ideas and opportunities. What will the homecoming of the spring equinox bring your zodiac sign this year?

Aries: March 21–April 19

Aries, as we enter into your season, you may feel right at home. Welcoming change is something you don’t struggle with, and you may also feel eager to start fresh. So far, you’ve planted seeds in your career and expanded your network this year, so the spring equinox is your time to reap all the benefits of your hard work and cultivating a sustainable social status. The transition into spring is happening in your house of self, so this season is all about transforming yourself — think image, aesthetic, style, and physical changes. This is a great time to review the inner work you’ve done this year and take actionable steps in achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Taurus: April 20–May 20

Taurus, the last couple of months you’ve been pushed out of your comfort zone, specifically within your relationships after the intensity of the Venus retrograde in Capricorn/Aquarius. As a fixed sign, change isn’t necessarily your strongest suit, but the transition into spring is a great time to foster necessary changes in love, career, and friendships through a new lens. The spring equinox is happening in your twelfth house of subconscious, so you’re being guided to take action in the more ethereal parts of your life. Ask yourself: Are you hiding from your true potential out of fear of impracticality? For you, this season is all about spiritual renovation.

Gemini: May 21–June 21

You’re building quite the rapport during the spring equinox, Gemini. This year, you’ve had to duck and dodge bullets during a retrograde-filled year, but there’s no rest for the wicked. As you build your clientele list, social network, or adopt newcomers in your friend group, it’s a good time to consider how you can use your social batteries to your advantage. You can effortlessly adapt to the changes that the equinox will bring, however, it’s important that you avoid inconsistency or being flaky as you set new goals and expand your network.

Cancer: June 22–July 22

Cancer, the spring equinox is moving into your area of career and reputation. This time is all about taking action, so if you haven’t spent time devising a plan to further your career and public image, you must do so now. You should also pay attention to where you lack passion, especially in terms of your career. Are you where you want to be professionally? If not, the equinox is a great opportunity to rebrand, take up new skills you can capitalize, and create passion elsewhere.

Leo: July 23–August 22

Leo, you may be on the verge of reinventing your philosophy and dogma. That’s because the spring equinox is moving in on your area of personal growth and expansion, supercharging the new changes that come with the new season. You may have felt bored this year, even with the plight of retrograde season, but things are shaking up in your world in major ways. Specifically, you may be amidst an entire rebrand of dogma. Where do you feel you can appreciate growth the most?

Virgo: August 23–September 22

What are you holding onto, Virgo? As an earth sign, you see things objectively and don’t entertain things outside of the earthly realm, but it’s possible your spirituality is taking a hit because of changes you’ve been unwilling to make or holding onto things, people, or habits that have kept you from growing. The spring equinox is pushing you to cut ties with these situations and take action on that which you’ve conveniently avoided.

Libra: September 23–October 23

Libra, you’ve seen renovations and chaos in your areas of home, family, and pleasure. The new season brings forth an appropriate time to make amends with the relationships which you’ve either lost or drifted apart from. With the equinox engrossing in your area of partnerships, you can expect to cultivate new beginnings in your inner circle. If you’ve had your fair share of problematic relationships, this season makes for a great time to take action and cultivate stronger ones.

Scorpio: October 24–November 21

It’s time to supercharge your passions during the spring equinox, Scorpio. If you’ve felt stifled from the craze of retrograde season this year, you’re in for some good news with the welcoming spring. Where are you lacking a spark in your day-to-day? The equinox is giving you insight into your passions and interests and giving you the momentum to incorporate actionable items in your routine so you can fill your own cup and thrive in your passions.

Sagittarius: November 22–December 21

Sagittarius, it’s time to fuel your pleasure. You may have felt a current of stress over the past couple of months of retrograde season, but the coming of spring is all about entertaining yourself in love, pleasure, and creativity. Tap into your artistic side, create from love, and give commitment a shot. Love and pleasure doesn’t always have sexual or romantic implications. Allow yourself to bring changes that elevate your enjoyment of life.

Capricorn: December 22–January 19

Capricorn, the spring equinox is ushering in new additions when it comes to family and your home. If not a new family member or a new lease, then you’re reconstructing new ideals of family dynamics and what the concept of home. It comes in time, after a season of instability and trying to navigate the uncertainty of retrograde season, which you feel personally as the backspin tailgated in your native sign. This is a great time to explore your domestic lineage, renovating your home, and cultivating new traditions in your family.

Aquarius: January 20–February 18

It’s time for an all-new mindset, Aquarius. The spring equinox is orbiting in your area of communication and mind processes, so you may be challenged to question your truth and explore new ways of expressing yourself. With retrograde season spinning in your native sign behind you, you may feel a sense of relief moving forward in the new season with a bolder, more passionate lens. Don’t allow your fixed nature to pass up opportunities to expand and change your mindset.

Pisces: February 19–March 20

Pisces, you’re ringing in the new season with your eyes on the money bags. So far, this year has your head in the clouds more than usual, and now you’re being brought back down to earth in terms of material items, money, and financial stability. Where can you capitalize to make an extra stream of income? The coming of spring makes for a good time to look into investing in your future and creating a new budget plan.

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